Sunday, November 30, 2008


I meme every word of this

Geoffrey got me with a meme. I hearby bequeath it to Trixie, Frenzied Feline and anyone else who wants to spend a few minutes mentally doodling! :-)

1. Five names you go by:
a) E
b) R
c) ER
d) R, E
e) ER, B.S., B.S., M.A.

2. Three things you are wearing right now:
a) Oklahoma Centennial sweatshirt
b) University of Wyoming Cowboys cap
c) Weddin' ring

3. Two things you want very badly at the moment:
a) A dip of Copenhagen (ain't gonna happen; I'm quitted)
b) To see Bird, YB and the granddogs.

4. Three people who will probably fill this out:
Trixie, maybe Frenzied Feline, ?

5. Two things you did last night:
a)Watched ou whup my beloved Oklahoma State Cowboys.
b)Tried and failed to get a fire started in our new chiminea.

6. Two things you ate today:
a) Bowl of chili.
b) Three flour tortillas.

7. Two people you last talked to on the phone:
a) My brudder.
b) Bird.

8. Two things you are going to do tomorrow:
a) Work on my office, still almost empty from moving all the books out for new carpet.
b) Work on on turning the sunroom, now a junk room, into a ceegar smoking den!

9. Two longest car rides:
a) From my hometown 10 miles from Oklahoma's eastern border to Las Vegas, then on to Needles, Calif., in a Volkswagen rabbit with three other large grown men. And back.
b) Hometown to Fremont, Neb., then back by way of Pikes Peak, the Royal Gorge and N New Mexico, as a chubby 11-year-old, with four large adults in a '77 Caprice Classic. And back.

10. Two of your favorite beverages:
a) Hazelnut coffee.
b) George Dickel Tennessee whisky.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Two words




Oklahoma's commercial hymn

Fellow Okies, if you haven't heard it yet this year, allow me. The of y'all, this really is the closet thing thhat central and western Oklahoma has to a cultural-commercial hymn!


Friday, November 28, 2008


Secretary to Peoples

That should be its name and function instead of Secretary of State.

Failed states, failing states, wilderness areas where tribes and warlords rule -- most of the geographic spots on the globes where trouble comes to us have no effective "state" for this country to deal with.

If there *is* a functioning state, then deal with it. If not, Secretary to Peoples. That's the ticket.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


'Yam yam yam yam, yam yam yam ...'

Had this little tune in my head all day yesterday. Now you can enjoy it, too! Happy Thanksgiving Day to y'all and all!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


(Un)holy war within the GOP

By The Erudite Redneck

Hoo hoo, forgive me if I take a certain amount of pleasure in watching from here, the mainstream, the highway if you will, as the devastated Republican Party now picks away at its own rotting carcass.

There's nothing left but the carcass, you know. There certainly is no traditional conservatism left in the GOP -- which, as looney as it sounds, once seemed, but only seemed, to be led by those who proudly called it "God's Own Party."

How arrogant. How selfish. How stupid.

Now James Dobson uses a 2-by-4 to assail popular traditionally conservative (and decently hot) columnist Kathleen Parker!

"We Won't Be Silenced" -- read it in all its whiney pitifulness, here.

Kathleen isn't asking you to silence yourself, Dr. Dobson; she, and others who want to see the GOP come to its senses, are showing you the door.

Take it.

Extremism is no vice only in the defense of liberty, Sen. Goldwater said. Your brand of extremism, Dr. Dobson, is not in the defense of liberty, but actually is its opposite.

No one should dare tell the Focus on the Family types to be silent. But what's left of the GOP is perfectly within its rights, and is smart, to tell them not not to let the party door hit them in their intolerant, un-American, fundamentalist, extremist asses on the way out the door.

Why do I care? Why should any Democrat care? Because the Republican Party of my youth was formidable but respectable, earnest but not extremist, determined but not dangerous -- as American as apple pie.

The rotting carcass of the Republican Party is steaming there on the electoral shoulder for a reason: It wasn't fit for the mainstream -- for the highway, thanks largely to folks like Dr. Dobson and his peeps.

Good riddance from the GOP, I say.

Bring back the Honest-to-Goodness -- and I mean that -- Grand Old Party.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


ER loves Dr. ER: No. 11


Monday, November 24, 2008


"I'm not one of those 'crazy Christians' "

So, the question is, was this written by one of EL's exes, or one of Tug's, one of Neil's groupies, or somebody MA met at the dojo, or one of Mark's exes, or Al-Ozarka's inner self-hating lesbian?

Because it's in the voice of a woman, but it sure sounds like every one of them.

Everybody has this image of "crazy Christians" based on what they hear in the media, but it's just not true. Most Christians are normal, decent folks. We don't all blindly follow a bunch of outdated biblical tenets or go all fanatical about every bit of dogma. What I'm trying to say is, don't let the actions of a vocal few color your perceptions about what the majority of us are like.

Read it all, in all its truthy twistedness.


Sunday, November 23, 2008


'Occupants of a parallel universe'

PRAYER OF CONFESSION today at church:

Lord of Life, we come to a place that is set apart from the world. There are no screens in here; there are no commercials in here; there are no offers to buy anything for three easy payments in here. We are in a sanctuary, and that means we should consider ourselves to be occupants of a parallel universe. In the light of this room, all faces are beautiful. In the light of this room, all children are precious. In the light of this room, there are no strangers. May it be so this morning, and every morning -- inside the sanctuary and out. In the name of Jesus of Nazareth our Teacher and Lord we pray, Amen.


Saturday, November 22, 2008


No. 7 OSU plays host to No. 20 Old Dominion

:::UPDATED::: OSU 30, Old Dominion 9 :::


Old Dominion's account of the comin' whuppin'.

Dr. ER and I are headin' up to Stillwater directly. After wrestlin' we'll eat at Mexico Joe's.

It'll be a bittersweet trip for me. I loves Oklahoma State, but last time I was there was to watch Bird and her YankeeBeau graduate, last December. And I haven't seen 'em since. Sniff.

Dang baby birds, growin' up and flyin' away and all.

Well, today, then, I start reclaimin' OSU just for myself -- and Dr. ER, of course. We need to stock up on Cowboys clothing and dishes and such anyway.


Friday, November 21, 2008


Kim Holland, Oklahoma insurance commissioner, has come completely unhinged

Padded cell, please.

Yes, this is one of those kinds of things I mean when I say I hold my nose and stand with the Left.


Thursday, November 20, 2008


T-(for Turkey)-minus 7 days and counting

Me: Pecan smoke, Weber kettle grill, indirect heat.



Wednesday, November 19, 2008


That's 'H.N.I.C.' to *you* you son-of-a-bitch

Ayman Zawahiri calls President-elect Obama a "house negro"?

I wish Obama would get his Chicago-Southside-redneck-black-man on and tell Zawahiri he's got it wrong, that he IS the H.N.I.C., and that he Pities the Fool that effs with him or this country and its interests.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Layoffs at Focus on the Family

Boo hoo.



It's not about cars and trucks

"Save the automakers."

I don't care about the cars. I don't care about the trucks. I don't care, actually, about Ford, General Motors or Chrysler.

I care about the people, and I care about the terrible drag go-zillions of out-of-work people would have on the economy -- and that's what talk of a "bailout" -- damnable word -- is about.

It's not the unions' fault, no more than it's the fault of the front offices of each of the Big Three. It is what it is.

Don't dribble out a few billion here and a few billion there, and not require major changes from the manufacturers. That's stupid: throwing good money after bad.

What the U.S. should do: Take on the pensions and retirement and insurance obligations of the automakers, freeing them up to make and market cars and trucks.

Freed of that burden -- which each freely negotiated onto its own back (so shut up, righties, and George Will, blaming the unions) -- surely they can return to success.

And if they can't, then let 'em burn.


Monday, November 17, 2008


I always try to post a little ...


Sunday, November 16, 2008


Memo to the 'wicked and slothful'

Heard a different take on the Parable of the Talents today:

Jesus was talking to Pharisees, who took their inherited religion, the Law, and buried it, to protect it, rather that hearing Jesus and investing, extending God's Grace to gentiles -- which is everybody.

Like the Pharisees of our own day, they stood in God's way, and in their own fear and judgment they slammed doors in the faces of those who sought God. They made no investment; they gained no return; and the Master called them "wicked and slothful."


Lord of Life, we ask for courage and confidence to live the days which lie ahead. We are entering into a time of scarcity, and limits, and living with less, and this will tempt us to be fearful and to lose hope. Help us to see the benefits that can come with simplicity, and then help us to look forward to a future in which the world's resources are more humanely distributed. In the meantime, we will not stop taking risks for the things we believe in. In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, our Teacher and Lord, we pray. Amen.


Saturday, November 15, 2008


Oklahoma State at Colorado: GO POKES!

GO POKES! Beat Colorado!

Skin the Buffs!

I would take special glee in seein' my Cowboys whomp Colorado good IN BOULDER.


Friday, November 14, 2008


Oldie but a goodie book meme!

Kinda brain dead today. So ...

Grab the closest book. Turn to page 23. Find the fifth sentence. Put 'er here, in the comments! Expand on it if necessary. And tell why that book is layin' around! :-)


"The second reason that the speculative mood and mania are exempted from blame is theological."

-- from John Kenneth Galbraith, A Short History of Financial Euphoria (New York: Penguin, 1990; reprint).

Expansion -- and how timely!

(He continues: "In accepted free-enterprise attitudes and doctrine, the market is a neutral and accurate reflection of external influences; it is not supposed to be subject to an inherent and internal dynamic of error. This is the classical faith. So there is a need to find some cause for the crash, however farfetched, that is external to the market itself. Or some abuse of the market that has inhibited its normal performance.")

Why it's around:

It's one of my favorite books on how markets operate, and I use it in my work pretty regularly.


Thursday, November 13, 2008


Barack Hussein Obama: liberal Democrat, liberal president-elect, liberal Christian

Read Obama's Fascinating Interview with Cathleen Falsani, from Christianity Today's politics blog.

At the point of his decision to accept Christ, Obama says, "what was intellectual and what was emotional joined, and the belief in the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, that he died for our sins, that through him we could achieve eternal life-but also that, through good works we could find order and meaning here on Earth and transcend our limits and our flaws and our foibles -- I found that powerful." More.

Old news. Worh repeating, what with right-wing de-education camps being set up.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


On Proposition 8: What Keith said


As odd as it is for me to say, Focus on the Family Action *is* doing a public service by letting people know of Tim Gill, about whom I'd never heard otherwise.

"Gay Activist Tim Gill and Friends Claim Victory in 106 Races."

And now, back to Mr. Olbermann:

What he said:

Finally tonight as promised, a Special Comment on the passage, last week, of Proposition Eight in California, which rescinded the right of same-sex couples to marry, and tilted the balance on this issue, from coast to coast.

Some parameters, as preface. This isn't about yelling, and this isn't about politics, and this isn't really just about Prop-8. And I don't have a personal investment in this: I'm not gay, I had to strain to think of one member of even my very extended family who is, I have no personal stories of close friends or colleagues fighting the prejudice that still pervades their lives.

And yet to me this vote is horrible. Horrible. Because this isn't about yelling, and this isn't about politics.

This is about the ... human heart. And if that sounds corny, so be it.

(Continued in the first comment).


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Jesus Christ, the first Socialist

"Socialists in the Sooner State held that their ideals were completely in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ, especially as expressed in the Sermon on the Mount. Building on this idea, some Oklahoma socialists argued that capitalism was an inherently unchristian system, while socialism allowed citizens to live according to the Biblical concept of cooperation. To them, socialism was a more moral, Christian alternative than the current economic system. As a result, the message of socialist organizers and candidates was often couched in religious terms. Many party members saw Jesus as the first socialist, and they considered it natural to make their case in fundamentalist, Christian churches. In these ways, the Socialist Party of Oklahoma managed to present the message of socialism, not as an alien doctrine, but as an alternative well within the boundaries of accepted American political discourse. Such a feat was unmatched elsewhere in the United States, and it helps explain the remarkable success of Oklahoma socialism."

Read all about the Socialist Party in Oklahoma.



Gas price check: $1.77/gal. in OKC

What say you? And where be you?

BTW, I'd gladly pay more for gas if it keeps our economy from tanking -- I mean the Oklahoma economy. We've diversified some since the 1980s, but we still rely way muchly on the oil and gas bidness.

OKC gas prices.


Monday, November 10, 2008


CONcentric circle

EL and friends actually circled their wagons. Good for them. Helps keep all that spew and bile in one place.


Sunday, November 09, 2008


A pastoral word

Click to read. -- ER

Saturday, November 08, 2008


No. 8 Oklahoma State at No. 2 Texas Tech




Friday, November 07, 2008


"Thank you, America"


And I say, thank God.



'Who Will Be Eaten First?'



(Hat tip to Jack Chick and Dan, who saw it, thought of me and passed it along. What are brothers in Christ for?!)


Krauthammer and I see eye to eye ...

... once in awhile.

With (Obama) we get a president with the political intelligence of a Bill Clinton harnessed to the steely self-discipline of a Vladimir Putin. (I say this admiringly.) With these qualities, Obama will now bestride the political stage as largely as did Reagan.

But before our old soldier fades away, it is worth acknowledging that McCain ran a valiant race against impossible odds. He will be -- he should be -- remembered as the most worthy presidential nominee ever to be denied the prize.

Read all of Charles Krauthammer's column.


Thursday, November 06, 2008


Emergency cute-kitty pic infusion

"You peeps in the previous post are scarin' us kitties. Can't we all just get along?"

-- Eames (top) and Ice-T (bottom).

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


U.S. to GOP: Sit down and shut up

Democrats to Republicans:

Step inside our tent and ask how you may be of assistance.

"It remained unclear whether the failing economy, dilapidated housing market, crumbling national infrastructure, health care crisis, energy crisis, and five-year-long disastrous war in Iraq had made the nation crappy enough to rise above 300 years of racial prejudice and make lasting change."

"Nation Finally Shitty Enough to Make Social Progress" -- the Onion.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Roosters stamped!

Uno. That's Dr. ER's ballot! Mine was the same, of course. She said she was in and out quick at 11:30 a.m. I had to wait maybe 10 minutes is all at about 9:30 a.m.

Dos. In recognition of the clean start this will have, no matter what, come January, today I threw away socks dating to the presidency of George H.W. Bush and underwear dating to Clinton's first term. Srsly.

Three. Tonight, to celebrate the day, we'll feast on bone-in ribeye steaks, baked sweet taters, steamed veggies and hot garlic bread -- topped with American-as apple pie. It'll just be us.

Y'alls' votin' experience? Y'alls' day? Y'alls' plans?

God bless y'all, and God bless this here United States of America.



Election '08 Jack Chick Tract of the Day

As y'all know, the ER's have the privilege of voting in a fundy Baptist church fellowship hall, where you get to walk through a hallway festooned with all sorts of "literature," including the infamous Jack Chick tracts.

The Election '08 Jack Tract of the Day is ...

Read "The Trap."


Monday, November 03, 2008


Does abortion end a life -- or prevent one?

"In no Christian intellectual stream do we find a unified tradition teaching that human life is present from conception -- so this is not a viable basis for supporting laws banning all abortion."

Read it all, by Celia Chazelle, on Theolog, the blog of The Christian Century.


From Reagan to Obama (a personal journey)

Good personal testimony here by Don Miller.


(Top ' my Resistol to TracyW.)


The flag of the United States of Obama

Nifty, huh?

In case you missed it.


Sunday, November 02, 2008


To my GOP friends: Don't forget to vote Nov. 5


Saturday, November 01, 2008


Texas Tech opens a can of Whup Ass!

Tech Beats Texas!

Up next: Oklahoma State at Tech, Nov. 8.


("Bah!" DrLobojo says.)



Obama of Nazareth


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