Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Gas price check: $1.77/gal. in OKC

What say you? And where be you?

BTW, I'd gladly pay more for gas if it keeps our economy from tanking -- I mean the Oklahoma economy. We've diversified some since the 1980s, but we still rely way muchly on the oil and gas bidness.

OKC gas prices.


Whereas the rest of us would like the economy of Oklahoma, along with those of Texas and Alaska, to decline to the level of Afghanistan, to match up with their collective Talibanish political leanings.
Well, the 32 percent of the Oklahoma electorate who voted for Obama are doin' our best.
Make that 34.8 percent.
Oh good - a hair above Georgia. You're already eligible for an immigrant's visa to Colorado. Move.
Dude. This is a mission field. Not one single damn county in Oklahoma went for Obama. The only state in the country where that happened.

Oklahoma's turn-of-the-20th-century populist-socialist lawmakers are spinning.
"Socialists in the Sooner State held that their ideals were completely in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ, especially as expressed in the Sermon on the Mount. Building on this idea, some Oklahoma socialists argued that capitalism was an inherently unchristian system, while socialism allowed citizens to live according to the Biblical concept of cooperation. To them, socialism was a more moral, Christian alternative than the current economic system. As a result, the message of socialist organizers and candidates was often couched in religious terms. Many party members saw Jesus as the first socialist, and they considered it natural to make their case in fundamentalist, Christian churches. In these ways, the Socialist Party of Oklahoma managed to present the message of socialism, not as an alien doctrine, but as an alternative well within the boundaries of accepted American political discourse. Such a feat was unmatched elsewhere in the United States, and it helps explain the remarkable success of Oklahoma socialism."

Read the article, which pretty mush splains where I'm coming from, myself:

Our gas prices are higher here in IL, but that's partly because of state gas-pump taxes, and partly due to differences in EPA standards as well as IL environmental standards as well. I will say that paying $2.13 a gallon is actually quite nice.
$1.88 here this afternoon, next door to the refinery which will soon exit. Bite me, Tstockmann. You don't speak of all Oklahomans.
Collective, collective - and my attack rate on the untargetted is lower than that of the United States Air Force.

But eww - and I'm on a low carb diet anyway. sweetie.

And LOL, the word verification is "falsabut" -- hoo hoo, is what you put your falsa blankets on! Hoo hoo hoo.
We're paying $1.97. I am now filling up my tank for $30 instead of $60. And no, I am not driving more because I can. If I could, I'd never leave the house.
$6.00 a gallon gas by Xmas! Count on it.
On the road in Texas.
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