Monday, November 03, 2008


The flag of the United States of Obama

Nifty, huh?

In case you missed it.


Yes, lets not hear any excuses from the "loony left" about how this is the state flag of Ohio...we KNOW that it really means that Obama has a secret plot to turn the USA into an African Nation...

...'cause that makes SO MUCH SENSE...

Oh God, the laughing, it hurtz!

We can haz votes now? We can stop with the crazy, yes?

They have totally lost it, haven't they?
Simply put, it is ignorance. When I saw that I nearly choked, knowing it was the Ohio flag.

I even tested it by sending pic to a couple of Republican friends who immediately started up the "change the flag" comments. I was amazed.
Yep saw this back then. Do you suppose those 17 stars represent the States that will give him the 270 electoral votes?
Oh, SURE, you SAY that is the Ohio state flag! Just more of your liberal media bias!!!
It's only the Ohio State flag IF you're one of those who are fact-centered.

It's just like the conservative blogger complaining about the two Kentuckian fellas who broke some laws when they hung Obama in effigy. In this blogger's words:

At present Obama is the most dangerous man in America. Why? Because it is perfectly legal for two gay West's to hang an effigy of Sarah Palin and suffer no legal repercussions, but two college kids at the University of Kentucky, after hanging an effigy of Barack Obama, are duly arrested.

Why? Because Barack Obama is a hypocrite...


THAT, to this blogger was proof that Obama is a hypocrite and THE GREATEST SINGLE danger to the nation.

The two Kentuckians were arrested because they hung a black man and Obama didn't like it, this blogger said - even though FACTUALLY, they were arrested because they stole some of the materials to make the effigy. When that was pointed out, the blogger said, and I quote, "It's doesn't matter what the facts of the case are..."

I repeat:


Perhaps the GOP could make that their new slogan. Forget "Country First," IT'S DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THE FACTS ARE..., THAT would be a more honest portrayal of the reality on the ground, it seems.
Facts shmacts! Truth shmuth! Honor shmonor!
Who says "Ohio"? You're just s'posed to think, Ohio.

This has Cuban fingerprints all over it.

Obama is coordinating with Raúl.
On November 5th, the flag will change and the red dot will become a globe and in the white ring around ir the words will read: One Nation One World.
Have they ever really cared about facts? Consider Neil, Mark, and Marshall, our own local versions and representatives of this type. I dare say there will be much foaming at the mouth, a few epileptic seizures, and the resigned decision to move to a country more congenial to their ideology - although, for the life of me, besides Singapore, I can't imagine where they will be happy.

For myself, when Obama goes over the top, I am quite sure I will be teary eyed for this reason - in my lifetime, the United States, a country torn by racism throughout its history, will elect a black man President. Regardless of one's preference, I would wish this were a moment of celebration for the entire country. Alas, I just don't see that happening.
For the record: I ain't countin' my Obama chickens before they hatch. It ain't over 'til it's over ... probably in December.
Pssst...Republicans hate small businessmen...pass it on...
Come Wednesday, they'll probably hate everybody.
What's amusing about this story is that one doesn't have to make up a crazy conspiracy theory regarding some new Obama flag to find the pictures offensive.

No one should be seen in front of the Buckeye flag. To us Michiganders, that's still a battle flag from the Toledo War.

OK, that's a lie.

I just checked and apparently the Ohio state flag had not been invented during the Toledo war.

But still...
Well, I'll be dadgum. Never heard of the Toledo War, the Toledo Strip or none of that before!
Most people don't, though it is the basis for one of the great football rivalries in the nation: UM vs. OSU. Actually the "war" was when Michiganders got the name Wolverines. It was an insult from Ohioans, who thought wolverines were the nasty vicious jerks of the animal kingdom, which they are.

We're required to take one semester of State History before we graduate HS, and my teacher happened to have a thing for that period of our state history. I've only ever met one other Michigander, a kid whose dad was a history teacher, who had ever heard of the Toledo war. Alas, we are forgetting the sacrifices of those noble men!

The whole story is pretty funny ... the two militias wandering around the Great Black Swamp for a year and never finding each other, the one single "war" injury from a jack knife (though there is some evidence that another guy got hurt after being pushed off a bar stool), etc., etc., etc. (The swamp, BTW, has largely been drained, but evidence of it is still around that area, primarily in the muck farms growing various root veggies.)

And then the best part is that Ohio got Toledo, which now pretty much sucks, and we got the UP, which also sucks, but is much prettier, and has resources ripe for the strip minin'.
This week I've seen almost every other house in San Francisco put an American flag (yes, the real one, not this one) out front. It's a bit surreal.

Actually the folks behind Proposition 8 seem intent on making the U.S. an African country since they seem interested in following the lead of nations like Zimbabwe and Nigeria not Canada and western Europe when it comes to defining marriage.
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