Saturday, November 22, 2008


No. 7 OSU plays host to No. 20 Old Dominion

:::UPDATED::: OSU 30, Old Dominion 9 :::


Old Dominion's account of the comin' whuppin'.

Dr. ER and I are headin' up to Stillwater directly. After wrestlin' we'll eat at Mexico Joe's.

It'll be a bittersweet trip for me. I loves Oklahoma State, but last time I was there was to watch Bird and her YankeeBeau graduate, last December. And I haven't seen 'em since. Sniff.

Dang baby birds, growin' up and flyin' away and all.

Well, today, then, I start reclaimin' OSU just for myself -- and Dr. ER, of course. We need to stock up on Cowboys clothing and dishes and such anyway.


(Photos by Blackberry by Dr. ER)
Are you going back up next week for the big one?
Man, that'll be such out-of-control chaos. ... I'm sort of ticked at the football ticket sales policies, to be honest. Best seat is my recliner!
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