Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Election '08 Jack Chick Tract of the Day

As y'all know, the ER's have the privilege of voting in a fundy Baptist church fellowship hall, where you get to walk through a hallway festooned with all sorts of "literature," including the infamous Jack Chick tracts.

The Election '08 Jack Tract of the Day is ...

Read "The Trap."


The moral of the story is obviously never to invite Max to a Halloween party. He's a total buzzkill
The memory of "past" lives is far better documented that the existence of Jesus.
Gee, I find myself (a skeptic) in agreement with Jack Chick that New Age "spirit channelers" are snake oil salesmen. Who woulda thunk?

I'm just disappointed the demon didn't make the new age guy's eyes glow red and his head spin around. See, that would have happened in one of his old tracts, but this one's ending was boring. Chick Publications have jumped the shark!
I just love these things! I need to get on a mailing list, so that, when I die, all I leave my loved ones are boxes of these things. Of course, I'll be roasting in the fires of hell, if Chick is correct. . .
I think you can get a sampler of 'em for free or next to nothin'.
OMG. SW! Woo hoo! Good to see ya!

Note, though: Chick does not say they're snake-oil salesman. He says they're actually channeling demons.

"*Seth is a demon," it says at the bottom of one of the first pages.
Hmm.. There have been a number of times when I have sneezed alone in a room with no one there to bless me. Perhaps during the moment when my soul left my body, I was possessed? How can one tell? I don't attempt to conduct seances for my snooty friends as portrayed in this tract. Is that evidence enough?

(I hope, that if I indeed was possessed, I get a demon with a name that's cooler than "Seth" who sounds like a kinda namby pamby soap-opera demon to me.)
A demon named Seth is kind of silly. He'd probably show up in an Izod shirt, wearing a Members Only jacket, and loafers or deck shoes without socks. You would be able to tell he was a demon if the collar was turned up.
Holy s--t. So the devil is a country club boy. I knew it.
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