Monday, November 24, 2008


"I'm not one of those 'crazy Christians' "

So, the question is, was this written by one of EL's exes, or one of Tug's, one of Neil's groupies, or somebody MA met at the dojo, or one of Mark's exes, or Al-Ozarka's inner self-hating lesbian?

Because it's in the voice of a woman, but it sure sounds like every one of them.

Everybody has this image of "crazy Christians" based on what they hear in the media, but it's just not true. Most Christians are normal, decent folks. We don't all blindly follow a bunch of outdated biblical tenets or go all fanatical about every bit of dogma. What I'm trying to say is, don't let the actions of a vocal few color your perceptions about what the majority of us are like.

Read it all, in all its truthy twistedness.


Dude, it's Mom2! Especially the following:
"We oppose gay marriage as an abomination against the laws of God and America, we're against gun control, and we fervently and unwaveringly believe that the Jews, Muslims, and all on earth who are not born-again Pentecostalists are possessed by Satan and should be treated as such."

Call me cray . . .
If only they had somehow worked in that passive-aggressive "I'll be praying for you" thing that the fundies do, it would have been an 11.
Pretty funny, pretty typical "Onion" satire!

Oh, and my verification word is "Emisher." Seems like a word that should apply to the author, somehow.
For my first comment, it was "whinessn", which fit somehow. Now, it's "strow", which sounds like a verb. . .
Might be Mrs. Green?

(And *my* word verification is, snicker, limpop!)
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