Monday, November 03, 2008


From Reagan to Obama (a personal journey)

Good personal testimony here by Don Miller.


(Top ' my Resistol to TracyW.)

Thanks for posting this link and introducing me to this writer. I always admire people who can be centered and grounded in strong beliefs but also evolve and be open to different points of views. Growing up in Oklahoma, I longed to escape the narrow orthodoxy of the radical Right that dominated the mindset. Twelve years in San Francisco and having had nearly that many in Manhattan, I often encounter an equally inflexible orthodoxy on the left that expects me to swallow everything passed down. I still would probably qualify as left leaning, but I am pleased to see that there are intelligent people on both sides, willing to admit their foibles and not paint people on the opposite side as rabid demons.
You bet. Junk Thief. Good to see ya 'round here.
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