Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Roosters stamped!

Uno. That's Dr. ER's ballot! Mine was the same, of course. She said she was in and out quick at 11:30 a.m. I had to wait maybe 10 minutes is all at about 9:30 a.m.

Dos. In recognition of the clean start this will have, no matter what, come January, today I threw away socks dating to the presidency of George H.W. Bush and underwear dating to Clinton's first term. Srsly.

Three. Tonight, to celebrate the day, we'll feast on bone-in ribeye steaks, baked sweet taters, steamed veggies and hot garlic bread -- topped with American-as apple pie. It'll just be us.

Y'alls' votin' experience? Y'alls' day? Y'alls' plans?

God bless y'all, and God bless this here United States of America.


eins: Waited about 10 minutes, and was voter number 79 in our Precinct, though the other precinct line was about twice as long.

zwei: Tonight is "taco" night.
Not sure how I'll celebrate this holiday. I do like the ribeye idea, though. I might swipe that suggestion. Happy Days are here again!

And thank GOODNESS for Dos!
Gonna hang out with the folks to watch the returns. Dad mentioned spaghetti as a possibility, but that may change if he changes his mind.

#464, no wait. Tho voting at a used car dealership does have its hazards--tried to sell me a DeLorean!
Voted absentee. So did my wife, my sister (and her husband), my brother and my dad.

Today we celebrated with my father being moved out of ICU less than 24 hours after being wheeled out of major, open-heart surgery to cut away his ascending aorta anyeurism and replace it with another "tube." Then my wife and I drove home, where we'll await ... Suite Life with Zach and Cody with our 6-year-old. We'll eat grilled chicken, and I'll avoid traditional TV. I figure at some point over the next 48 hours, I'll learn about the presidential election, and I hope my friend wins his election for sheriff and that another friend will be the state's next treasurer.

But I'll focus on my family. After two days with scary moments and my father's life in God's (and a wonderful surgeon's) hands, I'll be happy to look at my girls, feel my baby wiggle in her mommy's tummy and go on with life without lifting one ear toward what is happening at the polls.
Glad to hear the news about yer dad, Teditor!
Trixied, BTW, I'm pretty sure that dos was the third time. Ever. Hoot.
Early a.m. waited 40 minutes. Talked with several Devon Oil employees in line. Seems they had been STRONGLY URGED to vote today. One guy said he was scared to show up at Devon w/out the "I have voted" sticker. Oklahoma has gone Red across the board. Yes, we elected Inhofe again. Once again Oklahoma refuses to move into the future. Oklahoma will pay for this big time. Obama will owe nothing to K-street or big oil or anyone who normally holds the tickets.
President-elect Barack Obama. I sure like the sound of that. It's a good night in America.
I just e-mailed baby daughter's birth mother - she lives in Chicago, to congratulate her and hers, and we're watching the crowd in Grant park, waiting for O to give his speech.

I know the road will be long, and probably tough (isn't it always though?) but
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (from Canada)
I plan on smiling all day tomorrow.
We all just won, y'all. I am cautiously happy.
But isn't cautiously happy better than the feelings everyone had eight years ago?
Congratulations on keeping the world safe from rapture ready war mongering fundies for another 4 years
"Cautiously happy," yes.

Billy, you nailed it.
Eyewitness account: we had a middle aged black man collapse behind us in line at the polling place first thing in the morning - became delirious so ill he passed out from unknown causes. Two registrars - who happened to be a doctor and nurse - assisted. Others in line called the paramedics and they managed to bring him back to consciouness, but he was still clearly in very bad shape. After we voted the paramedics were preparing to load him on the ambulance, but he was pleading to be allowed to vote before he was taken away.

Memorable civics lesson.
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