Sunday, November 02, 2008


To my GOP friends: Don't forget to vote Nov. 5


The donkey has that look in his eye. All that sexual innuendo mid-century. It was marginally better than walking around today and seeing thongs staring back.
Voter suppression!! I KNEW you had a REpublican streak!
Oh, I'd say MUCH better than thongs. Fie on thongs, and other rude nudeness. THIS art, innuendo and all, tickles the imagination rather than bludgeoning it.

Teresa: What? ;-) LOL
Nothing...nothing...never mind, go about your business...nothing to see here...
On November 5th, don't forget to bring your latest paid electric, gas, or telephone bill showing you home address with your correctly spelled name on it.
Tee hee!

You gotta see this...

I mean, is time to vote now. People are losing their frickin' minds.
Teresa, I saw that. Just lay low the next two days.
Guns loaded for bear (figurativly speaking)
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Where did you find this illustration? Do you know where it originally appeared?

The most prominent McCain supporter on my street is an equal opportunity giver: All the kids, regardless of their parents' political affiliations, get Jack Chick tracts.

At least he is only using them as give-aways. The people who bother me are the ones who leave them to waitstaff in leiu of tips. :-)
Feodor, sorry, I don't. I just searched google images for "vote."
This probably don't mean nothin, but what does it mean that McCain's Mother is 9 years older than Obama's grandmother?
"what does it mean that McCain's Mother is 9 years older than Obama's grandmother?"

It probably means that God is a racist.

Eric Ashley,

We'll he DID order at least one people to be completely exterminated...don't know if it counts as racism...but a case could probably be made by your average Biblical literalist.
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