Friday, November 21, 2008


Kim Holland, Oklahoma insurance commissioner, has come completely unhinged

Padded cell, please.

Yes, this is one of those kinds of things I mean when I say I hold my nose and stand with the Left.


My God! What's next? Will she take away their Sam's Club cards?

Crazy has as many varieties as there are individuals, man. Now, this isn't your garden variety crazy, nor is it free-range. It's more a cultivated, domestic brand of crazy; I'd call it "Longhorn" but that's Texas, not Oklahoma, and you always "Grr" at me when I mention the "S" word, so what else is left here? High-end State Bureaucrat Crazy? Whatever, she seems harmless enough, but I wouldn't dangle a red banner in front of her, because she might charge (unless she doesn't have health insurance, in which case she would have to revoke her own credit cards).

Is she related to Inhofe, by any chance, because he's his own special breed of crazy, too, you know.
Oh this makes me angry. Consider that most people's source of health insurance is through employer plans, and individual plans are prohibitively expensive, especially to middle age, mid-career folks.

And just HOW much insurance do we need to get a driver's license? Do we need dental insurance? Vision? A policy that covers cancer care?

What's next? Long-term disability? Long-term skilled nursing?

And WHAT, pray tell, is the connection between a person purchasing a sports ticket and HEALTH INSURANCE?

Another thing that ticks me off. I was at the hospital Tuesday for some tests, and the very first thing they asked me after my name is if I wanted to pay my portion of today's bill and get a 20 percent discount! They even had a price list at check-in! Look up your service and we'll tell you what your estimated payment is. This was before I ever got the paper bracelet put on or was taken for my tests!
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This comment has been removed by the author.
Wow, so your Health Insurance policy number is soon going to become like your SSN, used for everything in the world.
This is not an issue of being "left." This is an issue of an idiot being chose absent of any merit. Ms. Holland was an industry insider for years and has no apparent college degree that can be found. How can she not put any educational achievement on her official bio?

Better ways of policy depend upon better people, left or right.
She is "left" alright, she is left of insane. Makes you just so proud to be an Oklahoman don't it. Just how does hat recall thing work again?
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