Monday, November 17, 2008


I always try to post a little ...


Cool video, to see all of the couples there. Even Yoko.

George and Patty--I think I see Eric Clapton lurking in the shadows on that video.

He supposedly wrote that song with Ray Charles in mind, not for Patty, as many thought.

Many years ago, my friend, who was guitarist for a band I was in, called me from a museum he was working at. A Beatles collection had just arrived, and my friend was (quietly) strumming George's 360 Rickenbacker to this tune over the phone. As he and I were both mega-Beatles nuts, he won the one-upmanship with that.
Off topic, but I have to WTF here:

Republican pundits are now calling this the "Obama recession"?!

Seriously. They think we're idiots, don't they?

BTW, I'm back, and I blogged. :-)
Doc, you definitely got one-upped! Very cool.

Teresa: Yes.
Oh this was wonderful. Makes me miss them all so much. They certainly earned their spot in history.
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