Wednesday, November 26, 2008


(Un)holy war within the GOP

By The Erudite Redneck

Hoo hoo, forgive me if I take a certain amount of pleasure in watching from here, the mainstream, the highway if you will, as the devastated Republican Party now picks away at its own rotting carcass.

There's nothing left but the carcass, you know. There certainly is no traditional conservatism left in the GOP -- which, as looney as it sounds, once seemed, but only seemed, to be led by those who proudly called it "God's Own Party."

How arrogant. How selfish. How stupid.

Now James Dobson uses a 2-by-4 to assail popular traditionally conservative (and decently hot) columnist Kathleen Parker!

"We Won't Be Silenced" -- read it in all its whiney pitifulness, here.

Kathleen isn't asking you to silence yourself, Dr. Dobson; she, and others who want to see the GOP come to its senses, are showing you the door.

Take it.

Extremism is no vice only in the defense of liberty, Sen. Goldwater said. Your brand of extremism, Dr. Dobson, is not in the defense of liberty, but actually is its opposite.

No one should dare tell the Focus on the Family types to be silent. But what's left of the GOP is perfectly within its rights, and is smart, to tell them not not to let the party door hit them in their intolerant, un-American, fundamentalist, extremist asses on the way out the door.

Why do I care? Why should any Democrat care? Because the Republican Party of my youth was formidable but respectable, earnest but not extremist, determined but not dangerous -- as American as apple pie.

The rotting carcass of the Republican Party is steaming there on the electoral shoulder for a reason: It wasn't fit for the mainstream -- for the highway, thanks largely to folks like Dr. Dobson and his peeps.

Good riddance from the GOP, I say.

Bring back the Honest-to-Goodness -- and I mean that -- Grand Old Party.


Shorter James Dobson:
"Follow me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I shall add to it."

What a guy, huh? Taking political advice from this guy is like taking cooking lessons from an aardvark. Not that Kathleen Parker doesn't deserve a good dope-slap, because she aided and abetted the James Dobsons of the world in their attempt to create an American theocracy. She only turned on them when she realized that such people, at least in elective office, tend to be dumber than a box of rocks, and carry around all sorts of dangerous ideas in what passes for their skulls. You pays your money, you takes your choice, Ms. Parker, says I.

Let them feast upon one another, says I, and let the adults run things for a while. When the economic crisis is passed, maybe then we can afford to hear from the loyal opposition. Until then, I think locking the door and seeing who is left alive when all is said and done would be in our national interest.
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Anon has crossed the line I think.
I agree with drlobojo... mr bbs
Anonymous, redacted:

"Did you see that conceited (jerk) tell Barbara that the American people should just hold on, help is on the way? I’m going to enjoy watching him fall on his face. The Left Coast is already turning on him because he’s crawfishing on his promises. It’s going to be a good show."
Now. What I saw was confidence. And, as far as I'm concerned, Goober Pyle would have made a better president than Mr. Bush.

Help IS on the way, Anon, if only because the present occupant of the White House, and his flock, is on the way OUT.

The Left Coast can go hang. President-elect Obama (who, I do wish would get ride of the cheesey "Office of the President-elect" signs) is doing just what I figured, and hoped, he'd do:

He's marching right to the center, where he will govern with a nod to the left -- if there's any left left! Dang hard to be a liberal these days what the present GOP administration socializing everything in sight!

The righty critics underestimate how desperate most of the country was to tell the GOP to sit down and shut up. That's "change" enough for now.
I can not help but ponder that the ultra conservative mongrel elements would rather see Obama fail than America succeed. Does that not seem to reflect the position that many of us were accused of, that of being un-American or unpatriotic? I have talked with a score of strangers in Oregon, and Arizona, and California, and Nevada, and New Mexico within the past two weeks. All of them are relieved that Obama is President. All of them agreed that it would take decades to undo the harm done to America over the last eight years. These were not uncommon Americans I talked with, but just a range of regular folk. Their understanding of what needed to be and what it would take was comforting. It is going to get worse before it will get better, but it is going to get better because we believe it will.
"Isn’t that a little like Benedict Arnold handing George Washington a battle plan to win the Revolution?"

It is so like Jimmy to not even know his American history and thus misuse it for his personal needs.
General Arnold did indeed advise Washington on the ways to victory in the Revolution. If Arnold had not been one of Washington's best people then he would not be remembered as such a great traitor.
If the GOP could find its way back to being Eisenhower Republicans, I would be happy. Of course, if the Dems could manage to move that far back to the left, I'd be happy, too.

The current carping about nothing changing even though Obama won is a textbook example of the McDonaldization of America. Everyone expects instant gratification.

As for James Dobson, he has zero understanding of either American history or American government. I'm sure if you mentioned Fort Ticonderoga to him he'd just look blank. One of the more bizarre episodes of the campaign season was Dobson bloviating about Obama not understanding the Constitution -- a document I doubt that Dobson's ever bothered to read, while Obama taught Constitutional law at one of the top tier universities in the U.S.

Dobson's been on my list of notable idiots with fecal matter for brains for many years, ever since I heard one of his radio spots advocating spanking toddlers barely old enough to walk. Anyone sick enough to believe teaching babies to fear their parents is a good idea isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.
For about a month or so, I at least respected Dobson for standing up for his (admittedly silly) convictions by stating he'd never vote for McCain.

Then he voted for McCain.
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