Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Layoffs at Focus on the Family

Boo hoo.


Small correction. I believe the proper term is "boo effing hoo..."
"This is the third year that Focus has laid off employees due to budget cuts."

I know for sure that God would not let this happen if he did not have greater things for these people to do in his Kingdom.

Boy are they going to be surprised.
Bob Jones U is laying off folks, and the IRD is getting rid of people too.

Maybe they can apply for part of the $700 billion dollar bailout.

(Apparently they were right when they said before this election that it was their God against our God. Our God won so their God is getting bounced out of office and taking His Administration with him. )
Wow, liberal tolerance and compassion in action. Applauding people losing their jobs. How proud all who know you must be.
Oh, bite it, Anon. People who live by politics lose their jobs by politics, and thank God the politics has turned. I'm sorry people asre losing their jobs. I am thrilled that these particular jobs are gone. Got it?

And, sjjow yourself or come up with a handle and stick to it, you chickens--t.
I know that we have to spell out every little thing for you, oh brave anonymous, but if you could try to engage that half-teaspoon of grey pudding supposedly hanging out somewhere in the vast empty space between your ears for a moment, you might realize that no one is applauding anyone loosing their jobs.

I hope that they find new jobs quickly. And I pray that this time, they will find jobs that will be a benefit to the Kingdom of God, rather than a curse.
I'm applauding the compassion they will learn to have for the jobless.
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