Thursday, November 27, 2008


'Yam yam yam yam, yam yam yam ...'

Had this little tune in my head all day yesterday. Now you can enjoy it, too! Happy Thanksgiving Day to y'all and all!


That's the second Virginny association you've made this week! (The first being football neophyte Old Dominion University, where I took a couple Organic Chemistry classes.)

Bojangles Robinson is from right here in Richmond, he was an amazing man: started dancing at age six, and was only seen by white audiences after he was in his fifties. Invented stair dancing, and owned the Negro League Yankees. We have a lovely statue of him at the corner where he went to City Hall and bought a traffic light near a park where he saw poor kids trying to cross the street.

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all as well.
A happy thanksgiving to you!

I suspect, that like McDonalds, Trick or Treat, and High School Musical, we will end up celebrating it too.
Thanks, Doc! Thanks, Steve!
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