Friday, January 27, 2006


Overheard in the ER household XII

ER: "Alll right! Since you killed the Lord, you don't get no more red dot."

Dr. ER: " 'Overheard!' "


Oct. 30 was the last installment of "Overheard in the ER household." As soon as those words above left my lips, they struck us both as bein' a perfect utterance with which to revive the series.

Rather than splain it, y'all tell us who you think I was talking to, and what the circumstance might've been. This might be fun. :-)

And, for yallses' edification are the previous Overheards in the ER household! Somes are hoot! :-)


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Overheard in the ER household VI (Ha ha. I must have miscounted. There is none! "Warning: Journalist doing math!")

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That sounds so politically incorrect I dare not hazard even a funny guess. I can't wait to hear what it is!

AND IT'S RAINING in my part of town (unless the rain only lasted two minutes, which I kind of suspect it may have, but I have photos to prove it and posted them on my blog, just so we can remember what rain looks like, in case it ever comes this way again, so we don't get scared at the sight of water falling from the sky.)

Someone get me an editor, please!
No way, on the editor. Breathless excitement is supposed to come in a run-in sentence!

Let. It. Rain.

Pour Ice-T freaked out awhallago when the wind hit. We realized he has never heard-seen-sense a storm!
Bailey the weinie dog loses his privilege of being "helped" by laser pen to locate various objects he's too dense to find on his own when he tears into the family Bible after hearing ER exclaim, "Oh, Jesus, I just ...."
The laser pointer belonging to Dr. ER which she uses to point out stuff in her endless presentations of Power Point wisdom, is being played with by ER who is have the cat chase it like a mouse. In the process the cat knocks over something Dale Ernhartish, such as a picture or an DE doll and therefore Dale being a demi-god of sorts in this household causes ER to say,...... "
Drlobojo dang near got it!

Only it's my laser pointer, bought for me by Dr. ER for the express purpose of playin' with the cat, and Ice-T knocked over a decorative iron cross that was leanin' against the hearth. :-)
The red dot wasn't that hard, Anon latched on to that as well, but it is really a cat thing not a dog thing.
I just couldn't picture any Jesus icons or Jesus occupied crosses in your house hold, so I went with your secular god, Dale Ernhart. Iron Cross sounds German? Is there an Iron Jesus hanging on it?
And the fact that it is just "leaning" next to your hearth (the house hold source of warmth) have any symbolic significance?

By the way, speaking of Icons, have you guys seen the movie "Dogma". I got two Jesus Icons from the movie. A Buddy Christ and a Buddy Christ Bobble Head. They go great with my Jesus action figure. Dogma, great Movie, every Catholic should see it once before they're excomunicated.
Just how long is his grounding? Did you go right back to playing with him? ;)
SDrlobo, I picke dup the iron cross -- just totally rustic -- plus another one made out of horsehoes at Guthrie while Christimas shopping; they both just struck me as something Jesusy, but not obnoxious, to have around the house. Just never have put them on a wall yet; they're both leaning against the hearth.

I also have a Jesus nightlight in a cracked coffee mug with cows on it that Dr. ER broke accidentally before I even got to use it much (the coffee mug, not the Jesus nightluight), so I keep it. I need to post a picture of that.
Um, that's not the coffee mug I got you for Christmas, is it?
No, GP. A pic of the cracked cup in question is now posted. :-)
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