Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Proof that cats are aliens!!

Last night, about 2 seconds after Dr. ER said, "That cicada sure is loud!" the cicada, which apparently was inside the top of the chimney, apparently fell to its demise down into the fireplace, complete with a bzzz-ooof! bzzz-ouch bzzz-thud! -- and Mighty Ice-T was johnny-on-the-spot!

Ice-T stalked the formerl buzzin' critter for quite awhile, despite the fact that the cicada's buzzer apparently did not survive the fall and crash. I keep the camera by my recliner for just such photo ops.

And what a cool pic. You might not notice it in the big photo, but in the detail shot you can see Ice-T's eyes reflecting in the glass front of the fireplace.

Dr. ER dreamed just the other night that all animals on earth were descendents of one of two space aliens. Maybe they're trying to make contact now through the kitty-cat! ( ... Great. I just now got over Dr. ER's late sighting of the Holy Mother ... see art of the Virgin here ... )


Has Dr. E.R. been reading much about Tom Cruise lately?
OK, ER, get outta the Dickle this early in the mornin'. :-)

Hey, this week on Teditor: "I have a confession to make."

Yeah, yeah. I know. Update more often. Sheesh.

I'll say this: I'll try. :-)
Great picture! Love the eyes!

Twix stalked a fly for over two hours yesterday. Other than that, she's acting like a typical teenager. (Did Ice-T bite more after his declawing?)
Ice-T bites Dr. ER a lot. Once in a great while, he'll experiment with gently putting his teeth on some part of my self -- but he seems to sense that he would go airborne immediately. :-)
When Ice T bites Dr. ER, she gives him a big smack in the face, too. I have come to the conclusion that he views me as his peer, someone to spar with. But he was sure hiding under my skirts when we had the big adventure in the hotel. He had to set aside his natural assy-ness and rely on his human mom!
LOL, Dr. ER. :)
t meant to eat that emissary.



instead of smacking, try using a spray bottle.
We spray bottled him when he was a young'un, to break habits. Now, tho, it's pure aggression when he bites. Spare the rod, spoil the kitty.
I'm all for kickin' 'im across the room. But I'da likely done that just cause.

How about you send Ice-T to bed without any supper, or ground him from playing with other kitties? Isn't there a better way than beating a poor kitten?

Yeah, you're right. Smack away. :-)
Dang it, we just flick his nose once in awhile! No kitties are harmed in the ER household!
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