Friday, February 10, 2006


Mother Mary? Hallway haint?

Me: Sittin' on the front porch last night, smokin' a cigar, readin' a book on the great cattle trails, Dr. ER sticks her head out the front door long enough to say something to the effect of:

"I forgot to tell you,I saw the Virgin Mary going down the hallway this afternoon."

An hour or so later, after I'd gotten my heart back out of my throat and my brain unfrozen, I said:

"So, did you know immediately that it was Mary? Or did it take some time to figure out?"

Dr. ER said somethin' like: "I saw it was a young girl, with a flowing blueish (garment). It took me a minute to realize what I was seeing, but I knew it was Mary."

Another hour or so later, I said:

"You can't just tell me s--- like that. You know I get spooked at night sometimes."

Dr. ER said: "There was nothing malevolent about it. It was a sweet spirit."

An hour or so later, Dr. ER reminds me that she's been on major pain pills (hip injury) and she is going soon to a sleep specialist.

"But still."

Ever had an encounter with the Lord or his kin like this? Tell me about it. What do you think? :-)


Do you really want the full details of the encounter, or will it suffice if I tell you I had a near-death experience during surgery in 1990?

Jesus was there, on a pier in a river in the darkness with a blue light above him. Dark mountains rose to the right of the river. I was lying in a boat (a canoe, I believe) which drifted to the pier. Jesus put his foot out to stop my canoe and said "Not yet." He sent me back. "Redeem your time," he told me.

Later, when was in my room, the anesthesiologist came to see me, before any other doctor. He asked me what happened, because he was surprised that I survived.

The surgeon later told my friend that they decided to stop my transfusions because they didn't think it would help. When she (the surgeon) finally came to see me, she reported to me that she and her co-surgeon really struggled with the surgery and weren't sure it would turn out successfully.
I have a similar drug-induced story to tell; two, actually.

After breaking my right elbow and having reconstructive surgery, the only thing that made the pain stop was Demoral. One shot in the hip was roughly equivalent to drinking a whole bottle of smooth whiskey. Anyway, this is about the time I'm reading the first Harry Potter book. I wake up some time during the night and tell my Mom to "turn up the heat or else the dragon egg won't hatch."

Then one time in college I had bronchitis REAL bad. I was on antibiotics and cough syrup that I took right before bed. Went to sleep listening to the Smashing Pumpkins and had dreams about color-changing dragons flying around me. They weren't trying to hurt me. No, they were nice dragons. Friendly dragons...
But I've never seen the Lord. That's either a good or bad sign. :-)
REPEAT, from Jan 9 comment:

The other day I was in my brother's house, which is the house I started growing up in and lived in until I was 14, when we moved into a new house next door. What is his bedroom now was my parents' bedroom. I stood right where the baby bed was when I was too little to sleep anywhere else.

I remembered being in that baby bed once when I was sick and it was dark and I was alone, seeing and hearing what I ONLY LATER learned to be a choir.

I've come to consider seriously the possibility that I was nigh unto death and was "seeing" in little bitty baby ways, the heavenly welcome wagon.

Runs in the family. Mama ER teells of a kinfolk who was nigh unto death, lost, whose mama "prayed him back," bargaining for God to take her instead, to give the young man another chance at gettin' right.

He (capital H) did, she died, and he did, reporting the sensation of "hovering" over hell itself just before he started to get well and she started to decline. the story goes.
I did not have one. But my mother
did. She was working in a club,
after work she went home with my
youngest sister dad. There was
another man with them.
My mom and then live in, went to
the bed room, when they were done
having sex. He told the other man
he could go next. My mother
freaked out of course. They choked
her till she passed out.
She told me she went up in the
corner of the room. She could see
them on top of her. Then she went
towards a light, could see my
papa. But then started coming back
away from the light. After that
she would have dreams and visions
that would come ture..
Well now for every one who thought
I was crazy. You now know why.
Jeanie Dianne, I need to come see you, turn on a tape recorder, and let you tell stories. Then I can write 'em and we can get rich.

(I told my brother the same thing last night on the phone.)
Oh, also, last night I dreamed that from the bed, I could hear Dr. ER out in the yard (not possible to hear so far through several rooms)" "Oh! Look at all the angels! And in my dream, although I couldn't see them, I *knew* that these shiny sparkly things were dancin' down out of the sky.
Can't play here, all of my encounters with the nether world have been with the other side, although I do know occasionally when someone wants to talk with me, and how to find things.

As for Dr. ER and Mother Mary, can I have some of what she is taking?
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