Monday, February 13, 2006


Holy hallway haint

Dr. ER drew this image of the holy hallway haint she saw in our house the other day. She said she didn't think she could draw a close likeness of her. She said she was surprised that she was able to.

I was spooked to hear of it at first. But Dr. ER said the haint had a sweet air about her and made her feel protected, when she was particularly down. And I am all for that.


That is tremendous. I would find that comforting too.
When I was seven years old I watched two spirits one blue and one red dancing around flor and on the walls and ceiling with each other in our living room. It was late at night in total darkness. (City people will not know what I mean when I say total darkness). I was not scared but I wondered why they were there. I have never forgotten that, nor understood it.
Dr. ER's blue one reminds me of them. (And this was before I had alterd my psychie with various substances)
Well, I spoke too soon about not being spooked. ... Meant to be at work by 7 this monring, but never got to sleep until sometime after 1 a.m. Every little sound kept me awake. I even had to banish Ice-T when he let out a full-throttle "meow" outta the blue and like to gave me a heart attack. Not "skeered," really. Just way not relaxed.
But, hey. The haint ain't about me.
Are you sure that it is not about you?
Lest we entertain Angels and Spirits unawares....
How long you had that kitten?
Ever heard of a "Familiar"?
Oh no! I hate that Dr. ER is down, but I'm glad the haint was comforting.
Thanks, Clancy.

Anon., yellow alert.

Within the context that this entire blog -- every bit and byte of it -- is meant to be one big, constant expression of my self, ergo, it is ALL about me -- the tale of the haint ain't.

It's about anything that lends comfort to my wife.
Just out of curiousity, has she seen it more than once?

(Sorry about the Pokes by the way. How's Coach Sutton doing?)
Long time no see CD! This is the first time she's mentioned anything like it.

Coach Sutton's situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

The ER Promise: No matter what else emerges, or is revealed, the main protagonist in the Sutton saga is PAIN, how it changes people and affects their judgment.
It's both amazing and frightening, how pain--physical or psychological--can change a person. I'm glad Dr.ER has her haint to lend comfort and wish mosre of those in pain were open to such offerings.
I'm glad to hear that Dr. ER was comforted by the haint, and I'm sorry that you saw the other side of 1 am.

My completely unscientific opinion is that critters are particularly good judges of character. If Ice-T and the hound whose name escapes me seem calm enough, then I would figure the haint is completely friendly.

Not that Dr. ER's endorsement wasn't enough, jut that the critters could be additional "evidence."

That looks like a body from a shallow grave I saw one time before it was opened. Turned out to be a girl hitch hiker wacked by a trucker. She was wrapped in a old green truck tarp, tied at the neck and ankles with rubber tiedowns. Tell her not to take off the tarp.
THAT's comforting.
I once saw "something" float through a wall in an apartment ... about 10 years ago. It was just kind of roundish and transparent. The really strange part about it all was I just looked up at it as it floated thru the room. Once it left, I went back to watching TV. I really had no reaction at-all. Mom said it was probably one of the family that had passed to the other side come to check on me, that's the reason I didn't get freaked out.
there's something to be said for the placebo effect....

DOubting THomas
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