Monday, August 03, 2009


Human beans get stuck in my craw

So, Dr. ER and I were waitin' for the new Harry Potter movie to come on, with maybe 20 to 25 other peeps, at the Saturday matinee. It was at our neighborhood theater, dating to the '80s at least, not one of those high-falutin' theaters at a mall.

The movie started and right off the bat, I noticed most of the seats were squeaking. A boy across the aisle and down a couple of rows was pelting his parents with questions.

A young couple behind us whispered a few times, which is all it takes to set me to fuming, usually, 'cause I am a stickler for bein' quiet once the movie starts -- and I am uncomfortable with talkin' and carryin' on during the previews even.

But ...

It was a little different, because I am positive that everyone in the theater had read the book, or at least knew the general story line, so there was nothing to give away by whispering about it, so I relaxed a little.

Then, I realized that squeaky seats comes with the things we like about this theater, which is mainly the fact that it's not in a mall and is large by current standards, and it doesn't look like it's changed since it was built. It makes Dr. ER's and my inner-teenager feel right at home.

And I got to thinking about how it was the first time in a long time that I felt pretty relaxed in a movie theater -- this with Mr. Phentermine ridin' shotgun even --probably the first time since the third time I went to see "Twister."

And it dawned on me -- and this ain't nothin' too profound, y'all; it was just a lil ol' epiphany -- that people in general tend to annoy me a great deal.

I love people in the abstract, I can talk to people from a lectern, I can write to the masses in my work, and I can sometimes "be there" for individuals who need a shoulder or an ear.

But in general, people just get on my dang nerves, which idn't the epiphany, though, this is:

I need to get over that. If my call is to love all others -- every single other (leavin' room, of course, for the usual flare-ups that just come with bein' a human bean and the occasional dealings with real assholes -- it's the least I can do.

People are messy, noisy, often thoughtless and occasionally smelly. That's the fact, Jack, and I need to quit lettin' it get stuck in my craw. ("Crop" for any of y'all sticklers.)

And I started right then tryin' to repent of it. Good luck to me! I got purt' near a liftime of doin' to undo on this one.


I think you are simply having a strong experience of getting well past 35.

It's happening to me, too.
Which? People are starting to annoy you, or you've been around 'em so long now you're getting used to their peopleness?
The decorum of crowds is starting to bother me in ways it did not.

And I don't think it's the crowd that's changing.

Taken individually, I love everybody... in person (not virtually).
You wouldn't believe how this fits in with something I have been hanging on to blog about. Started to write it last night and opted to give it more God time for stewing purposes. Perhaps tonight. Right now I have a day-off adventure to tend to.
Hey chicken lady!(Trixie)

Rudy--I's even more guilty than you. Seein the mail-lady is about as much contactin as I need. I figures I'll love people like I wants'em to love me--just leave me the hell alone. Oh, I's a hep anybody out what needs it, jus' I dont reckon we gots to drink coffee on the porch to seal the deal.

Plus, I gots a tail--nuff said.
Re, "dont reckon we gots to drink coffee on the porch to seal the deal" -- I get that.

Sometimes the last thing I want to do is be around anybody at all that ain't kin, or cloth kith -- sorry, close kith. And them's usually the days that news breaks so bad that I have to personally go out and get upset-mad-whatever-emotional people's upsettidity-maddery-whateverish-emotitatin' ALL OVER me.
Well, Trixie when you get back from adventuratin' -- dang you Bill Loney and yer whatever it is you got that's catchin'! :-) -- be sure and us know when yer cogitatin's done and you've posted yer thinkin'. When the stew's on, ring the dinner bell, is what I'm sayin'.
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Oh, God.

THIS stew was overcooked a long time ago.

And that Dr. Bill is virtually alive again ain't exactly all gravy, as his blog evidences.
I was referrin' to Trixie's comment above.
I'm referring to yours and you, you oversold Okie.

(I'm home today, and playing. And I'm having fun at Dr. Bill's.)
When I first got back from Nam, my motto was, "Where two or more are gathered I'm out of there."
hey dawg.. i have the same problem. i view following equitte to be polite. saying to others "i know my place and i repect yours" in terms of spacially.. but there's other equitte i overturn like not being racist, homophobic, or sexist.. or at least blatantly.

some'n i've been working on for a while. good at listening, help'n others reckon it out for themselves, but public breeches of equitte drive me nuts.. esp. while driving!
'And that Dr. Bill is virtually alive again ain't exactly all gravy, as his blog evidences.'

Feodor--no, I's really alive...and mentionin gravy has got me all ever have red rice
& gravy for breakfast when yous was a sprout in Texas?

Rudy--you heard of ebonics? you been victimized by loneyonics.
(Feodor exhales in disgust)

Doc Lobo--'where 2 or 3...' sadly, I's been doin that for a while...ceptin when steel bars was preventin me from leavin
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