Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Geritol drink recipes?

Neat? Rocks? GeritOld-fashioned? Geritol Wallbanger? Geritol shot-and-a-beer? Geritini?

I'm feelin' like I ought to be one of the sick-n-shut-in. Just pooped plumb out.


Yor Daddy used it every spring to shake off the winter lag ass blues.
Some humble submissions:

Gin and Geritonic
Jack and Choke
With Tequilla: Margheritol
With Tomato juice: Bloody Geri

Old School:
With Scotch, Drambuie: Rusty Male

With Vodka, Curacao: Grey Whale
With Peach Schnapps, Vodka: Impotence on the Beach

With a Milk of Magnesia Chaser: Mudslide

Can one get "Geri-Goggles" where the nearest bingo parlor looks like the Playboy Mansion?
Brudder: Daddy was smart to get around the prevailing Baptist sensibilities! :-)

Doc: LOL, those are great!
Geritol and Goldschlager: Golden Oldie

Geritol and OJ: Early Bird Special

Geritol and Old Charter: Sinking Ship

Geritol and Gin, with olives and olive juice: Dirty Old Man

Geritol chaser with St Pauli Girl: Nurse!
LOL, LeeLee!

The Dirty Old Man is a scream.
LOL "Nurse!" is Dr. ER's favorite.
On the Dirty Old Man, I would stuff a Viagra in the olive (in lieu of a Pimento)
Shot of Geritol with a Beer Chaser: Pacemaker
vodka and geritol = slow driver
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