Tuesday, December 09, 2008


At the height of our revelries, when our joy is at it's zenith, when all is most right with the world, the most unthinkable disasters descend upon us

My poor Ice-T has barfed on his single favorite material possession: the Christmas tree skirt! Poor critter.

Dr. ER caught him tryin' and failin' to eat a curled ribbon from a gift, and in the process of tryin' and failin' he frowed up right on the tree skirt.

And he spent the morning, pawin' at the nothin' -- and an Ace Hardware colored ad slick that happened to be on the floor -- tryin' to cover up his barf, and his shame.

Poor Ice-T!

(This photo in its original post two years ago.)


Hiding beneath the holiday tree, Laser Cat waits for his prey.

(Our cats also like hanging out under the tree. I suspect they particularly like the heat given off from the 950 lights.)
I like to think it's his genetic predisposition to appareciate the strange trees on the savanna of the serengeti. :-)
Our cat, too, enjoys spending much time underneath the tree. Indeed, when it comes down in January, she is very saddened.
Our three rotten cats know better than to climb the trees. They look outside and see the snow and know they dont want to live out there and run the risk of being eaten by a coyote. Geoff's sister
Ha. But you have smart cats. These critters are mere brain stems on small frames draped with cat outfits. :-)
Enjoyed seeing Dr.ER's photos of the "Guardian" being placed on the Capitol dome. Apropos is it not that on the first try they put it on backwards and had to bring it back down and turn it around.

If your felines had access to real outside trees the plastic Xmas variety would not be so attractive. Put some grass and a climbable tree in the "Man Room" for them.
Hey, now that's an idea!

Dr. ER is afraid of second-hand smoke on the kitties, though.
Sigh. Just caught Ice-T eating another ribbon.
What my sister fails to mention is that the first cat she and her husband had, a Maine Coon named Ted, would not only climb their Christmas tree, but spend hours in the branches. She even has a photo she took of Ted all snugged up, her eyes glowing from the flash.
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