Sunday, November 26, 2006


A tree! A tree! For me! Ice-T!

I love my daddy! Look what he did for me!

He felt so bad about chopping down my Hundred-Square-Foot Wood, the forest outside the living room window where I used to watch, and stalk, birdies, that he brought a whole tree inside the house! Just for me!

And that lady who lives here and the one he calls Bird and her YankeeBeau decorated it even!

What a daddy! And it gives me a new place to hide and jump out at that lady!

My daddy is heading to eastern Oklahoma and to Fort Smith, Ark., today to see Mama ER and his Brudder ER. He said he will be back late Monday night so he can work Tuesday, then have the flexibility to be off Wednesday or Thursday if Mama ER comes to the city for surgery.

In the meantime, I will sit here under this beautiful tree my daddy put up just for me, and try to bite that lady's calves as she walks by!


I be returned.
Better tie that tree to a wall. Cats are worse than two year olds when it comes to xmas bushes. He will climb in the branchs and most probably will turn the tree over with those nice breakable bulbs all over it.
Sorry to hear about your brother and momma. Hope all goes well.

Yes have returned from my altruistic venture to the east coast.
While I was gone somebody came into my backyard and took my almost new Toro old man's walkbehind selfpropelled lawnmower and my son's bike and some tools and etc.
Don't you just hate it when that happens. It does give some insight why the King James version of the Lord's Prayer uses "Tresspasses" rather than "Sins".
Ice-T is right. Who else would you have hung toys and candy on a tree for?
Conservative fundamentalist Southern Baptist Christian prayers go out to your mamma and you. May she recover in time for Christmas. Hope you have a happy one.
Ahem, cats don't talk.
Welcome back, Drlobo. Sorry to hear of yer loss.

Ice-T *is* right. We *are his staff, as they say.

Mark, I accept all prayers, from all quarters. Thanks.
I do too talk! And I type, too!
Ice-T types better than E.R., I guarantee.
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