Thursday, July 19, 2007


On the other hand, there are downsides to a Democratic Congress ...

They've done gone to meddlin' -- HUGE cigar tax in the offing!

(Save Sadie!)


You better get used to higher taxes, and less jobs.
... and maybe less bullshit imperialism, less heartless anti-social legislation, less religious dogma masquerading as public policy ...

I'll cut back on my cigars for that.
Higher taxes? You mean like for education or public works? Those Bush tax cuts have sure come in handy for me especially since my tuition has risen about 25% in under 3 years yet I still receive the same amount in government loans except with an added bonus of an interest rate hike this year. Yay for tax cuts that the average person either never sees or more than makes up for by paying more for something else.

Average people are always the LAST thing on the minds of Repubs. And they're the last thing on the minds of too many Dems.

But I hold my nose and stamp the rooster -- that means vote straight-party Dem, YB.
Because hope springs eternal with the Dems. The GOP spring dried the hell up in the 1870s.
How much does the average taxpayer contribute to the care of a patient with cancer of the mouth caused by cigars, or lung cancer 1st or 2nd hand caused by the smoke? Just think of this tax like the fees on the National Parks, they are just a users fee.
Bah. How much does the average taxpayer pay health care and lost productivity for the average lard-butt American who eats too much, doesn't get enough exercise and abuses his-her body with too much fod and and poor nutrition at that? And I mean people who have the resources to do better.

A hell of a lot more than the small bunch of us who smoke stogies.

If they want to tax something in abundunt supply, tax willful ignorance and laziness.
Ahem. Maybe a tax on cigars is a tax on willful ignorance ... :)
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