Thursday, February 08, 2007


On Mama ER and buyin' hootch in Arkansaw

FORT SMITH, Ark. -- The trip here like to did her in, but Mama ER is resting comfortably now, a few miles away from where I sit in a coffee shop in Fort Smith.

Her lungs got real clogged up on the three-hour ambulance ride, with no heated mist to help her breath. Oxygen levels dropped precipitously.

They sent a scope into her lungs this morning and hoed 'em out. She's OK now. Minimally responsive, which is the way she was before leaving OKC. A physical therapist was coming in as I was leaving awhile ago. Big Brudder is there now.

God bless ya, Big Brudder. Your long row is just beginning. He's already had his first "Mr. Redneck, we need your permission to do a procedure" moment, last night. Been there, done that about a half-dozen times, myself.

On buyin' hootch:

So, awhallago, I stopped by a liquor store where I have been buying adult beverages since before it was legal for me to do so, to see if they carried this dadgum wine that I have fallen for, and that I meant to bring with me to share with Big Brudder over a steak, and to give to my friend K. Kat, whose birthday is tomorrow -- and which, of course, I forgot.

"It's a Spanish wine. Carchelo, Monastrell, 2004 is best but 2003 is good, too," said I to the lady runnin' the joint today.

She'd never heard of it, but allows as to how she does carry a few Spanish wines, and leads me over to the rack. I look. No luck.

She hands me The Book of Wines the State of Arkansas Allows its Liquor Stores to Sell, which I did not know existed. It's not on the list.

"Well, I look and see what you do have. I'll find something, I'm sure," said I.

Said she, "Ya know, I need to carry some more Spanish wines, what with all the Spanish movin' in around here."

Uh, those are Mexican-Americans, or otherwise Hispanic, Ma'am, I do not say.

I loves me some Arkansas. :-)


Hey, ER. I will in the river valley
tomarrow. May be we can git together. I would love to see
K Kat too. Big Brudder, I am glad
you are getting to hold your sweet
momma's hand again. :-)

see ya all tomarrow. :-)
Hey, e-mail me and I'll tell ya where Mama ER is and where we'll be tomorrow night...
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