Sunday, January 28, 2007


12 bottles of wine on the wall, 12 bottles of wine, when one of these bottles ... is open, there's a steak or barbecue involved

::: Mama ER Update: Dang if they didn't take her completely off the ventilator and I didn't notice until this evening. The equipment was still in the room yesterday as a backup, but I was so busy talking to Big Brudder and Little Big Sister I didn't notice it wasn't hooked up. Huh. She was sitting up in a chair looking very distressed when I went to see her awhile ago, after a few hours at work, after church -- I frontslid this morning! :-) -- and when I left she was looking less distressed but not happy and not comfortable, and still sitting up in her chair. I saw her main doc, her surgeon, for a few minutes. He ordered her teeth in for a couple of hours tomorrow. He also said she was a lot closer to the day she would leave the hopsittle than she is to the day she arrived (Nov. 30!). She is still in the best place she can be right now, and he said he will keep her there as long as he can before sending her to an LTAC (long-term acute-care hopsittle). Over and out. ... Oh, BTW, Mama ER most debinately would *not* approved of my extolling the virtues of wine, below. :-) End Mama ER Update :::

What happens when ER happens upon a 20-percent-off wine sale on a payday when he is down to one bottle of an amazing good and inexpensive wine he *knows* goes excellently with grilled steaks, barbecue and spicy stews:

Yep. I bought a whole dang case of wine! First time ever. Not bad at $9.19 per.

OK, actually, I bought the 2003 vintage, not 2004, but I couldn't find an image of the 2003. And the 2004, actually, was a little better.

But, the 2003: A monastrell (aka mourvèdre)-based wine from the arid interior of Spain, this wine distills the sun and heat into smooth purple fruit, chocolaty and rich. It's built for steak, well charred on the outside. Good Value; Wine & Spirits, June 2005, Value Wines.


I never quite saw you as a grape nut. You seemed more like a corn flake with your Mr. Dickles and all. But then again I barley know you I guess, but your taste in beverages just seems to hopps around at times.
But to actually say that a wine "...distills the sun and heat into smooth purple fruit, chocolaty and rich.." sounds more like drug induced description than a product of alcohol.

OK, Kevin your turn.
KEvron is a.w.o.l.!

BTW, I'm thinkin' of givin' up Dickel for Lent. God help me and everyone around me! :-)
Sounds like you and your mom are doing much better. That's great news!

I don't know anything about wine. The few times I've drunk it I didn't like it. Tastes like vinegar to me, and I know, I've heard if it tastes like vinegar it is cheap wine, but I have tasted fine champagne, too, and I still think it tastes like vinegar. But that's just me.

I suppose it's an aquired taste, like beer. I don't like beer either, but I've drunk my share of it in the past.

Oh, and by the way, Drlobojo? Great puns! Funny!
The secret to wine, in my book, is in pairing it with food. Like the Carchelo. It just goes perfect with charred steak or tangy barbecue. Goes pretty well where any red would go, although it's sort of heavy for anything less than a big chunk of mammal.
So I guess you'll be cooking your brudder a big ole steak to go with some of the wine on the 9th!
I have plenty! I'll bring a bottle or two!
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