Saturday, February 17, 2007


And on the 85th day of Christmas ...

... I finally got my outside lights taken down! Woo hoo!

Up Thursday Nov. 24! Down today, the *first* chance to do it, what with dealing with Mama ER's troubles and all. Man.

Down next: the tree! Ice-T will be heartbroken!

Brudder ER said Mama ER was fully awake most of this morning, still trying to talk, or make sounds anyway. And, he said the respiratory people say her lungs are just dang near clear. She's on a bit of oxygen just every once in a while, he said.


Taking down the tree is not a necessity. It could easily serve as a platform for all holidays. Saint Pats day is coming up. Lay some Irish decore on it. Easter follows soon there after, bunnies playing in its branches and chicks and eggs dangling as ornaments would look fine. May Day would call for ribbions and flowers, and the 4th of July some red white and blue with fake firecrackers. After that it is just a wee bit until Halloween and of course Thanksgiving and what do you know it is time from Christmas again.
It seem like a waste of energy to take it down when it could serve all year.
In fact perhaps instead of changing out ornaments for each holiday just leave them all on as you put them there and just add to them. After 12 months you would have the perfect tree. A tree, if you please, for all seasons.
ER you are inspiring me. Thinking on your tree for all season I have invented the perfect Hexagon of Seasons. (it could be a pentagon, or octagong depending on how many hoidays you can to celebrate.

The basic idea is to create a built in "closet" or freestanding cabinet with the Hexagon on a lazy susan turntable. Each holiday or season would have a compartment of its own. Each compartment would have two doors opening out away from the compartment thus obscuring the closet or cabinet behind it. The doors would have a recess of 4 to 5 inches and the wedged shaped area of the hexagon and the doors would be backed with mirrors. Thus you could construct a folding christmas tree or any other like item or scene in each compartment of the revolving hexagon. So when a holiday came around you just turn the all season hexagon to the appropriate doors and open them back and there you have a three dimensional fully formed seaonal display. No holiday current, then simply close the hexagon up and it becomes just another closet door or freestanding item of furniture.
Sounds like a project for yer back yard!
I've changed my mind. It should be, like you know, a giant pop-up book that hangs on the wall, and you just turn to the proper page per holiday or special event. You could even have a NASCAR display.
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