Thursday, November 09, 2006


A carrot? Hell no, pardner, that ain't no dang carrot! Them's pork ribs at the end of that stick!

Ever since I tipped the scale at 294 at the doctor's office, I have eaten sensibly and, in fact, have eaten a lot less than I would have, with the help of a little pill almost every day.

That was Oct. 25. I didn't eat any Halloween candy. Except for a cookie or two, I haven't had any sweets. I've cut way back on Mr. Dickel and Mr. Hendrick.

Tomorrow and Saturday, I'm laying off the diet pill, which is recommended. And one of those days I am going to reward myself with a plate of ribs.

(Wiping drool up from keyboard; struggling, with one lame ear, to hear above stomach growling; trying to keep from going RIGHT THIS MINUTE TO A BARBECUE JOINT AND EMBARRASSING MYSELF.)

Ribs. Glorious pork ribs! Fried taters! Slaw! A beer maybe.

Then it's back on the wagon.


Tsk, tsk.

One of the first things you hear when trying to diet is not to reward yourself with food.

I've heard the suggestions of get a pedicure/manicure, buy new shoes, get a facial, etc. I don't suppose you'd be up for any of those? ;)
Well, I'm more trying to change my whole eating routine rather than "dieting." I've been eating like a farm hand for 42 years -- and I haven't been a farm hand for 24!

So, strike "reward" and insert "treat." :-)
Oh, okay. But at WW, "reward" and "treat" are the same thing. ;)
Is it a conflict of interest when the anathema and the reward are kind of one and the same?
Ribs are not anathema. Eating rins every time you want to, which is a few times a week -- a specific form of gluttony -- *that's* anathema.

Ribs don't kill people. People kill people!
Me thinks I've posted this before, but, in light of what's been written, here goes:

"Adam's Ribs? I'm from Joliet. I'd crawl on my knees in the snow for a takeout order."
1. Anathama come from the goddess Anath and the Jewish revileing of her worship.

2. Pork ribs reminded me of Hog Scalding time. If you had to scald the hog or wring and pluck the pullet to eat your ribs and Kentucky fried then you might not need you diet pills.
There is BBQ (rubbed and sauce after cooking) across the road at 11. They usually sell out by 12:30. after last nights work out and this mornings, it is not a reward, but earned pleasure. Beans and tato salad as well with thick grilled bread slices
Cath in Carmel Valley at 42.f ouytside
Yo, Cath. Thanks for stopping by.

I want it noted for therecord that doday, Friday, although I officially amd taking the day off from consciously monitoring what and how much I eat, I had a chef's sald, minus the cheese, with low-cal dressing, today for lunch.

Mmmm, them ribs'r gonna be goo-oo-ooood.
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