Saturday, April 15, 2006


My step-granddog-in-(common)-law!

LEFT: What a handsome fella! Apollo is his name. He belongs to Bird's YankeeBeau. They were here last night, with their critters. Ice-T was *not* amused.

RIGHT: Look at Fenway peeking around the coffee table, as Bird holds Apollo! Apollo is 3, and is a larger, more muscular version of little Fenway.

LEFT: Poor Fenway! He has a cherry eye! Still cute as a bug (for a Yankee).

RIGHT: Needless to say, Ice-T was *not* amused to have Fenway underfoot, not to mention Apollo. T stayed fairly scarce for the duration of the Good Friday evening visit of Bird, YankeeBeau and their kids, Fenway and Apollo. Here, Ice-T is shown relaxing with his "close personal friend," Scrat, reminiscing about the luv they shared on Catback Mountain.

Thanks and good (afternoon) everyone. A pretty nice kind of day in the great Southwest, everything lookin' pretty good.

(1,000 Coveted Redneck Points[tm] to anyone who can identify the source of that greeting, which actually is a morning greeting. Somebody would have to have historic knowledge of media personalities in a certain town in Texas. I don't believe anybody will get it, hence the buttload of CRPs offered.)

Sort of a laid-back day in the ER household. Dr. ER has lost herself in "Deep Space 9" and I'm fixing to recommence work on a presentation I'm doin' at a history conference comin' up.

Eggs, Paas and vinegar are bought. Eggs are boiling. It'll be potato soup and egg-salad sammiches for supper. Then we'll watch the "Moses, Moses" movie tonight.

So how're y'all?


Ice-T is getting to be a handsome kitty!
Idn't he, though!

And he only attacks Dr. ER once or twice a day! :-)
Apollo? As in Apollo the son of Zuse, Greek god of all sorts of shit? Apollo Shunshine the band? Apollo from Battlestar Gallactica?
Or is it a-pollo as in chicken?

By the way saw an identicle cat like Ice-T up for adoption at the OKC shelter. Even had the wide-eye stare.
I believe his name refers to the god.

Hey Drlobojo, Who the heck is Nefertiri, in "The Ten Commandments"? Is she supposed to be Sethi's daughter? So then she *wants* her step-brother and winds up marrying Ramsese, her brother? Or did Sethi have more than one wife??
Been watching old movies again?
In the 1956 version with Heston the Nefertiri character is actually named Nefretiri, because in Egyptian there is supposed to be some off color joke associated with a pun on Nefertiri.
Now there were two real life Nefertiris, niether one of them were married to Ramases I (how did they know there would be a second Ramases? Wouldn't the just have called him Ramasis?)

Given the plot of the movie however, yes Ramases full sister married her full brother Ramases as was the custon of Egyptian Pharoahs. So Sethi's daughter who is the daughter of his sister as well, is his niece and Ramases is also his nephew. So Nefretiri's daddy is her uncle and her grandfather is her great uncle and that would also make Ramases her third cousin as well. So it is no big deal for third cousins to get married is it?
Ah Ha!, Ramases the II's wife was named Nefertari, not Nefertiri, not Nefertiti, and not Nefretiri as in the movie. I am glad I am not an Egyptologist. (actually in their hyroglyphic cartuses they don't look aso similar)
Also Seti had about a hundred children so it is possible that Ramases II and Nefertari were only half-brother/sister to each other.
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