Thursday, April 20, 2006


ER's book proposal, redux

(In reference to this.)

In my e-mail box just now! Woo!

Dear Mr. Redneck:

Thank you very much for submitting your proposal for (Catchy Book Title) to (Academic Press). Your project sounds interesting and I enjoyed reading the sample chapters. However, in order to get a better understanding of you how deal with and analyze the (Book Topic) I would appreciate receiving one or two further sample chapters from the main body of the manuscript.

I look forward to reading the additional materials and wish you a nice day.

Acquisitions Editor

Woo! And again, I say, Woo!


(whose excitement is tempered by his personal acquaintanceship with someone who got all the way *past* the formal outside review stage and *still* ultimately had her manuscript rejected. But hey, anything beats "no thanks"!)

Could be a banner year for books being published in the ER household!
They must really be hard up for material, huh. :-)
That's why he's all greased.
Woohoo! Way to go, ER! :)
Congrats, ER! Very, very exciting!
Sorry didn't mean to set Anon up.
Proud of you, dude! Maybe this is the year for that history book that will become a best-seller and free you to write all the time!
Thanks, Tech. Alas, history writers don't get to retire on the meager returns from book writing! :-)
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