Wednesday, April 05, 2006


ER's book proposal

Curriculum vita updated, check.

Summary of book, check.

Who will want to read it, and why, check.

How it relates to existing scholarship, check.

Specs (65,760 words), check.

Note on illustrations, check.

Names and addresses of three experts in the field, as possible reviewers, check.

Target and secondary audiences outlined, check.

Note on sections previously published, check.

Table of contents, check.

Bib, check.

Two sample chapters, check.

Woo hoo! It is all fixing to be in the mail.

Finally. Took half the day.

OK, actually, it took almost one year and half the day to get done and sent off. I just couldn't bear to get back into it until today -- and even today I had to force myself.

Worked and-or thought about this thing every waking moment from late 2001 to late 2004. I needed a break.

Break over. Cowboy up.


Break a leg dude.
Hey, Manness! There's another reason I put those letters behind my handle up there. Not only did I bust my ass to earn 'em, but I'm still usin' the damn things.

Imagine that. Not only HAVING an education, but USING IT! Every day! The mind boggles sometimes.

I don't believe anything anybody has ever said to me on this here blog contraption pissed me off like his and others' caterwaulin' about my academic pedigree. That shit is what put the "E" in "ER"!

I'm off to smoke a self-by-damn-congratulatory cigar, have a drink amnd hang with the dogs for a spell.

Then eat some lasagna for supper. CHICKEN lasagna! :-)
Oh Yeah?

Wull, jess 'cause you got them faincy letters b'hind yer name duh'nd mean yor no smarter'n anybuddy else here.

An' jess 'cause y'publish a book 'er two, don't go gittin' uppity on us...

Yer still a lot more "R" than "E", by anybody's account...


We knew you when. ;-)
Congrats ER! I'm proud of you and for you!
Aw man...If I could finish writin' one of these stoopid books...Sigh.
In any case, congrats. Title?
Thanks, Tug. :-) Thanks Tech.

Rich, I'm honestly afraid to post the title because the press I'm pitching to is notoriously persnickety.

It's about two Indian newspapers and the ideas and opinions expressed in them, around 1850.
No sense jinxing anything--tell the title when the book's been printed!

And congrats on getting the proposal finished. It's a big hurdle, kinda like all those ABD's running around.
Git 'er done! Woot!!
Son of Lilith's First Novel:

Hand-written skeleton draft, check.

Typed second draft, check.


Yeah, I'd say you're one up on me...but I've got age on my side old-timer!
if they make it into a movie, can i have the titular?

'Atta boy.
Thanks, to all.
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