Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Domestic livestock crossing

Gotta hurry! Fenway, the step-grandpup Boston terrier is comin' for a visit this weekend, bringin' Bird and her Yankee Beau, and the full-time critters around here ...

... are gonna go on strike or run away from home if ...

... they don't get a little publicity!

Ice-T, hangin' out on the back of ER's office couch, under some toy tractors; Riker, the stately and regal Pembroke Welsh Corgi; Bailey, the po' white trash weinie dog bein' held by ER -- and a close-up of Ice-T's bling!

(Photos by Dr. ER with ER's still-new digital cam!)

All of your animals are cool, but I sure have a fondness for Bailey. He knows who he is and he's happy about it!
again, i am sorry to post this here, but i felt it important that you read my response (i am, once again, banned from cap's blog. i don't mind being banned, but he removes the "offending" comment, thus readers are left to speculate on - and, more importantly, the tone of - those excised comments. but cap's not why i'm here).

"KEvron has yet to attack me in the way he has you and Mark."

for the record:
i don't dislike mark. i disagree with many of his views, but i think he's a decent guy. i really do. so when he wrongly, and maliciously (as he knew otherwise), suggested that i am a pedophile, i was disappointed. he then found himself the victim of a prank, a spoof blog, which suggested an affinity for barnyard animanls. insulting, absurd and, ultimately, harmless. all forum matter, however, was soon deleted. i hope mark and i can move past this, but he doesn't seem too willing. that's his prerogative. guess i'd feel the same.

"Let the world know: ER has zero tolerance for personal attacks based on differing opinions....."

and i respect that. i admit, i have attacked before, and have regretted it and apologized many times for it; recently, i wrongly accused ll at chromed curses blog of fabricating a communique. made an ass of myself, apologized, then hauled my ass-of-myself self, and my ass, outta there.

i don't just wantonly attack people because their view differs from mine. it is why i engage, but i don't attack. i will give a guy "cab fair home" if he asks for it, but he's gotta ask first.

what i do is, i rib. big crime, judging by some reactions.

i don't know why you might think i would attack you. the thought has never entered my mind. i enjoy your blog and your style very much, and have featured your blog very favorably on my own. i hope you don't think i'm trying to bait you; i am not. and i'm not incapable of reasonable discourse, as not long as i'm not carrying the bulk of the "reasonable" part, as i find is too often the case. but if it's a game of grab-ass they want, it's agame of grab-ass they'll get.

i'll open a thread at my own blog, in case you'd like to continue this discussion. and i give you my word: i mean you no ill will.

Tuna Breath, hell my cats won't eat anything but Salmon.
KEvron, OK.
Great photos, ER!
Thanks, Tech. I'll pass that along to Dr. ER.. And to the muts theyselves! :-)

Trixie: Riker has airs; Ice-T is a cat, and all that implies; Baily is like Willie Nelson (even looks a little oike him if you squint and hum "On the Road Again"): real laid back. Until it's time to eat, or he can't get his bobo on a soft blanky!
Ice-T really lives up to his name, doesn't he? Bling AND a boom box!

So is the "erudite" sitting in front of your "redneck" there? ;)
Very observant, Frenzied. That IS a boombox! :-)
I may be old(er) and a righty, but I can keep up--sometimes! ;)
Now the question is, was the boom box planted for the photo, or does he just gravitate to it naturally?
Ha! I assure you, nothing in this office is a prop. It's a natural mess. :-) ... 'Sides that, the boombox sorta clashes with th tractors; I b'lieve I'da tried to sustain just one motif!

Ice-T likes the top of the back of couches, this one and the one in the living room. They're soft on his tiny heiny and elevated enough for him to see all around.

The one in here is also close to the printer, which he loves: when it starts printing, he jumps over onto this desk and sticks his nose right into the tray.

I'm late to the party, but what CUTE creatures!

Love 'em.

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