Saturday, January 14, 2006


Cutest step grand-dog EVER

Fenway, way tuckered after playin' with Dr. ER. (Photos by Dr. ER)

This "dog" *might* make a regular cheese coney! Note that his noggin is on a bun warmer (he commandeered Dr. ER's heating pad)!

"Lert! Lert! Now I am A Lert!"

"Whatchoo lookin' at??"

Bird, her Yankee Beau and Fenway were here today to shop for dishes for the Beau's apartment, and to watch OSU beat Baylor in basketball on TV, and eat pizza. :-) The whole dang extended family was here! :-)


Is that a guilty look in the third pic down? Um, hey Fenway, where the heck is the cat?
Ice-T made hisself scarce all day!

But you shoulda seen the look Riker, the regal and longsuffering corgi, gave the little one!

As if to say, "Oh, not ANOTHER one!"

(He's never quite forgiven us for adopting Bailey, the po' white trash weenie dog.)
Aw, cute! I guess I'm out of the loop re Bird; it sounds like you guys have patched things up, though, so I'm glad.
I'm just dadgum thankful that dern dawg don't blog.

He just can't spell yet -- give him time.

E.R. -- GIVE ME THAT PUPPY and no one gets hurt!
Nice pup.........I prefer a little Kitty to a dog any day however:)
Ha! My cat and two dogs are threatening to strike if I don't give 'em equal time with the grandpuplet!

Howdy, Clancy! Time heals.
Junior wants to know if that is a teddy bear in picture two?
Fenway does look like a little bit of a thing now. Yep, One Bit would be a good Oklahoma name for him.
I have to agree with Poison Pero. I prefer kitties to pups, because I don't want to harm a pup. Kitties are better, more challenging targets.

ER, you shoulda known where I was a goin' with that'n. :-)
That is a teddy bear, and she is Fenway's girlfriend, Bird says.

Teditor, do ya have to take potshots at EVERY kind of critter? :-)
Potshots. That's a good'n, ER.

I like pups, so no shots in their direction, pot or otherwise. Just wouldn't allow'm into my house.

Ya see, that was just the way I was raised. Nothin' against those who do keep'm inside, but my momma, God rest her soul, didn't believe in havin' in-house critters, so I was kinda guided in that direction.

After her passin', a niece got my dad a companion, and ol' Sid became a half-time dog -- half his time inside, half out. He had some husky and other large-type dog in his muttdom, and he became a little too big and too frisky for an ol' man with a replaced hip to handle.

So ol' Sid became a farm dog, and Dad replaced him with Tilly, a pug. A yappy, licky, wet-nosed, in-house pug.

Mama's gotta be rollin' around in her grave over that, with dog hair all over the furniture she cared for so much and pee stains on the carpet from when, as a pup, Tilly made her marks all over the house.

Of course, she's just one reason it's difficult to hang out at Dad's house. There are many others, other than missing my mama, of course, like Dad not wanting to replace his nearly void hearing aids, so shouting is the normal routine of conversation -- if you can shout above the TV that's always on with the volume VERY HIGH.

Anyway, that's a long story to say I've got nothing against dogs, so long as they don't enter my home.

To 'splain it further, I've got a friend that now lives in Phoenix, and I wouldn't be comfortable staying at her place for more than an hour or two. She rescues dogs and never has less than three in her home at a time. Rescued dogs have a way of making more of a stink, if you know what I mean, than most. :-)
"That is a teddy bear, and she is Fenway's girlfriend, Bird says."

ER, Junior said to tell you:
Girlfriend? Dog + Bear=?
That don't seem natural none.
You need to talk with Bird about that.
My step grand-dog is gay. Or at least interspecial sexually.
Say ER are those your striped pants?
Nope. That's Dr. ER a-lyin' with the pup.
3&8 is stylin up the place huh? You know that pup is so runt, even fully skint out he'd be shy an inch makin a coin purse.
LOL. He's growin' though.
You need to post a pic of him on

and then a photo of Ice-T on
Erudite though I am, as an Aussie I need a book of translations I think... however I just love those southern accents
All Aussies welcome! Y'all come! Bring beer! :-)
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