Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Democratic strategy for 2006

Thanks to Bitch, Ph.D. for the apparent cold, hard truth.

My kingdom for some extra balls to send to the left side of the aisle.


Love it!
Is this the 21st Century version of "duck and cover"? It may not be such a bad stategy given the options available. Hope the shell protects against radiation.

But I do have to comment, as a Life Long Democrat, I know deep in my soul that the words Democrat and Strategy can not be use in the same sentence much less one modify the other.
The left needs to start fighting as dirty as the right. Might not be honorable, but it's effective. And yes, I am Machiavellian to a degree.
More honorable, and effective in the long term, to concentrate on finding consensus within the party -- and to have party leaders that have balls to back their rhetoric.
I'm afraid that not even that would get the left in power, ER. As the 2005 election showed us, all the right has to do is say "Homosexual marriage and abortion is wrong" to win, even if it is by an eyelash.
Well, as long as most voting Americans -- or at least enough voting Americans in enough states and congressional districts -- believe homosexual marriage and abortion are wrong, that will be the case.

Which, to me, says something about how the Dems -- my Dems -- might oughta reevaluate their damn priorities. I'm not saying choice and freedom aren't important, and that the concept of marriage shoudn't be broadened. I am saying that can't be the main things the Dems talk about, fuss over and freak out about.

It is ALWAYS the economy, stupid. ALWAYS -- and why we don't blow the GOP off the face of the continent by hammering them on job outsourcing overseas, the nonexistent Southwestern and its big-money ass-kissing of unAmerican multinational corporations is beyond me.
Nonexistent Southwest border, I meant.
So what you're saying is instead of entering the debate over homosexual marriage and abortion with the right, the left should just bring up new topics?

I agree with you wholeheartedly. However, the problem still persist: THE VOTING PUBLIC CARES MORE ABOUT REGULATING PERSONAL MOLRALITY THAN IT DOES ABOUT THE ECONOMY AND SOCIAL MORALITY. Sad, yes. True, yes. Sad because it's true, oh Hell yeah.
I don't think so, MDA. I think the rightr wing cares more about those things. Most people are more concerned about their pocketbooks. And if Dems keep talking about those things, more nonvoters would become voters and would water down the influence of the right's hot-button bulls--t. IMHO.
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