Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Herdin' cats

This is the best cat commercial EVER.

(Video. Thanks to Drlobojo.)

Herdin' cats!


That just about scared the fool out of me -- I had clicked on the link and while it was opening the phone rang. I minimized the screen in case I had to go to my Word program to make notes ... suddenly I started hearing this voice with the music... YIKES! I've lost a few lives.
Branding time must be a real bitch!
Love it!!! Just like trying to get students to submit all required items on time.
Looks like quality target practice to me.
Hey, Anon. Branding time's no trouble. Where you'd rope and flank a calf, all you have to do with cats is run a lasso under their hind legs and lift 'em up off the ground. Then you dangle a rope to where they can dig their front claws in, and they stretch because they can't get their claws out of the rope, so you tag 'em right there on the hip.

They'll sqawk right loud, but it's all over in a matter of seconds. Then you release 'em and aim your shotgun.

Branding's not a problem as teditor said, but nut cutting time,well that's another story.
Sorry, Doc, but we don't geld our cats on the Teditor Ranch. Nah, after branding, we release 'em. If they can outrun the shotgun blasts, they earn the right to breed. :-)
Teditor, you need a butt load of rock salt. You, you, catist!
Catalyst, sir. Catalyst.
If you don't geld your male cats how do you ever get them fat enough to sell to the ChungKing packing plant?
For meow meow gai pan!


Kitty chow mane!


A mew-mew platter!


Ha! I got a million of 'em! ... Just flew in from Dallas. Boy are my arms tired!
There're always those really good shots where you bust a cap in their ... cajones. That works.
ER, they are use mostly in Catonese foods.
Herdin' Cats? Hey! You linked to the video on my webpage! How about some props for the file and the bandwidth?

Anode Eledar
(yes, I'm positive)
Yikes! I'm not very smart about these things, sorry! Will fix asap.
they don't call 'em "cattle" fer nuthin'....

That's I herd ...
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