Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Triune God knows best

UCC goes Father-free in tweak of bylaws.

I understand why some people think this is a big deal -- and it is: What is gained is a big deal.

What is lost is not.


What is lost is you and the UCC. If referring to God the Father as "Father" was good enough for Jesus, perhaps the know-it-alls in the UCC should assume there's a good reason for it, and, I don't know, study to find it perhaps?
Let's see. Trust God, whom we've met in Christ; trusting Christ and his trust in God; trying to live out God's love in the name of Christ. Boy. If we're lost, we're all lost.

Jesus called God "Abba," which is something close to "Papa." I suppose he did so because he was a Jew and most Jews in his time and place did so. He lived in a patriarchal culture.

In other places in Scripture, the words translated God, or referring to God, are female or ambiguous in the original languages. Some are plural, and would be better translated as "Gods."

Many are genderless metaphors, such as "fire" or "rock" or "wind."

The culture of the United Church of Christ gives voice to all of the tradition. In general references, though, it now prefers to remain genderless, hence, Creator, or God.

Consider it studied, and found.
I'm wondering if you all stop praying to our Father God, always using Mother God, if you might find Him failing to answer. I don't want to try it. mom2
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