Saturday, January 22, 2011


Just in the nick of time

I'm getting my seminary groove back. Classes for me resume Monday online and Tuesday in person.

History of Christian Spirituality, online.

Introduction to Theology, in person.

Resurrection in Early Christianity, weeklong seminar in March.

The last three weeks or so have been hell.

Dr. ER fell and buisted her head and got a moderate concussion.

Almost 50 people got downsized at work, including a friend and cubical neighbor. The last time, less than a year ago, I said I could feel the hot breath of the beast on my neck. This time I got blood on me.

And I lost an online friend -- and this is not an attempt to repair, if he happens to be lurking.

All in all, the suckiness has been especially sucky lately.

I NEED school to keep my mind occupied!


It seems very appropriate that seminary should should help cool the fires of hell.

I think that's why the OT prophets were constantly enrolled in Yahweh's "online" offerings.

Sad days in Oklahoma indeed.
Holding my breath. If the economy keeps flirting with recovery, the worst is over for now.
First, I'm sorry for the run of badness. Of all the people I know, you deserve nothing but good stuff. Really.

Second, the consolations of the school schedule - after all the upheavals - would certainly be a welcome respite. I know I find that the dullness of a lack of routine wears on me after a while.

Finally, peace.
Thanks, dude.
Wishing better times for you, Dr. ER and Oklahoma very soon!
Thanks. (((Karen)))
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