Friday, August 13, 2010


ER's Occasional VBS 5 and final

Time for cookies and Kool-Aid!

My main Vacation Bible School memory is this: It's where I really learned to delay self-gratification! LOL.

The grownups divvied up the cookies, making sure everybody got some of all kinds (yummy and yucky). I always made myself eat the yucky ones I got first, choking them down with hardly a sip of that precious, carefully rationed Kool-Aid, to save the best for last!

What does that mean?? :-)

I don't recall us ever having homemade cookies at VBS. Just cheap store-bought.

What's your favorite store-bought cookie? Currently, mine is the doublestuffed golden Oreos. Pecan sandies and fig newtons are my stand-by, though, oh, and soft molasses cookies.

Summer has been blah, so far, although it holds promise. Dr. ER and I are going to try to go to Red River, N.M., in a week or so to get out of this hellish heat for a few days.

But I've ordered books for next semester, and I will definitely be ready to get back in the seminary saddle come Sept. 1.


For a brief period of time they had pecan sandies that were two sandies with praline cream between them. Those were the best store bought cookies ever.
The best store-bought cookies ever are Pepperidge Farm Bordeaux cookies. They are a special treat!
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