Tuesday, July 06, 2010


What's copied on your copy-and-paste?

In the comments, hit "paste." And then splain yourself if you can. LOL


"We had a hooker living next door... called Buckwheat Bertha who would ... "

I was looking for a quote from "Sister Act" to comment on Facebook. LOL




I pasted this link into an e-mail to my wife and daughter. It's a slideshow of tanning disasters.

A friend of mine is doing The Artists Way and is having a hard time with the morning pages, since the pen-n-paper writing hurts her hand. The link is to a site designed for doing morning pages for those of us more comfortable with a keyboard.
Kirsten, that's a cool idea.

I'm afraid to look at Lee's link.
That's easy to do because this frigging computer's system doesn't allow any "Pasting" unless both the cut and the paste locations are showing on the screen at the same time or it will come up blank.
Window's Vista Sucks!!!!!!

A link to a photo from Church this weekend...
Haha, desole--j'ecris si raremennt sur Facebook, et quand j'ecris, c'est illisible! :) C'est mon habitude que de jouer des choses comme chess et Scrabble (pas Mafia Wars ou les fermes) et parfois mettre des liens interessants (de mon opinion folle)--mais cette fois-ci la famille de ma soeur venait de New York pour un sejour a Lincoln et aussi Colorado et Missouri, donc je pouvais pas m'empecher d'annoncer quelque chose heureuse. :) Je voudrais que tous vous voyiez le super-beau Rocky Mountain National Park; c'est un paradis! En tout cas, j'ai ecrit ici plus que j'ai jamais fait sur Facebook, et ca m'amuse bien que c'est en (tellement mauvais) Francais! :) Qu'est-ce que les Dangelo et Bogliolo font comme vacances cette annee?

It's too hard to explain why, but that's what was there.
Ha! Showoff! :-)
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