Monday, July 26, 2010


ER's Occasional VBS 3

Time for a song!

I remember singing "Onward Christian Soldiers" as a wee lad in Vacation Bib;e School. I reject that hymn now for its militarization of the faith.

That's puts me in the minority of Christians now, and in a teen-tiny itty-bitty minority throughout history. But I don't care.

So, here's a song that I cannot hear without tearing up. The lyrics are awesome, the music beautiful -- and the dude singing, even he I find lovely in all his goofy humanity.

David Crowder, "How He Loves."


I remember it well, too, but the song that really brings back the memories of childhood and church for me is "Rock of Ages." That, and "Holy, Holy, Holy!" Seems like we sang one or the other every Sunday.
"Blessed Assurance." I still can hear Mama ER singing it ...
Just this Sunday, Jeff St sang our first "satirical hymn:" Onward Christian Rambos...

Onward Christian Rambos,
Spoiling for a fight,
Wave the flag for Jesus,
Knowing that we're right:
Load the gospel rifle,
Throw genades of prayer,
Blast the spirit's napalm:
Evil's over there!

Onward, Christian Rambos spoiling for a fight,
Wave the flag of Jesus, knowing that we're right.

Like a panzer army
We shall blitz the foe.
Rugged cross, old glory,
Lead us as we go!
Hail or heil your leader,
Drilled to do or die,
Under Holy Orders,
Never asking "why?"


Feel the thrill of bloodshed,
guns and holy wars.
We don't really mean it,
It's all metaphors.
Nuke the Devil's Empire,
For the God we trust.
Yes, we'll love our enemies,
when they bite the dust.


Some of us laughed, some of us cringed a bit as it hit too close to home. We had the feeling that this hymn might be sung at some churches with no hint of irony...
I LOVE IT! And I love the idea of a satirical hymn!
Written by Bryan Wren, I believe was his name, who has written other progressive hymns.

I hear he wrote this one sort of joking around, not figuring anyone would actually sing it in a church.

Showed him.
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