Thursday, July 15, 2010


ER's Occasional VBS 1

Welcome, y'all. You've all been led in and are standing.

First, the nonpledge to the Christian flag. I don't think there should be such a thing as a Christian flag. So I offer no pledge. But I do offer this to think about:

A Christian rainbow flag. My pledge is to Grace, and freedom, and to the idea for which this flag seems to stand: Full acceptance of gay and lesbian Christians into the full fellowship of church and Christian life.

This is the traditional pledge to the Christian flag:

I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag
and to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands.
One brotherhood, uniting all mankind
in service and love.

Both flags can go hang. It's the ideas behind them that matters.

But -- but, but! -- do we, are we called to have allegience to the Savior? Or to the Savior's messaage? Or should our yays be yays and our nays be nays?

I just know that any pledge of allegience is a setup for a fight, either offensive or defensive -- and I don't know how to reconcile any declaration of readiness to fight against the Gospel.



We hang this one on our house.

It tends to spark a little conversation, as one might imagine.
"are we called to have allegience to the Savior? Or to the Savior's messaage?"

Kind of the same dichotomy as the previous post and almost sums up the choice Christians must first make before going on to any kind of Christian reasoning at all. What is primary/primal/bedrock to faith?

Incarnation or Revelation?
Sacrament or Rhetoric?
Cosmic living Christ or Gospel story?

Really the question is not at all about how to find Christ... but how do WE find Christ? What are human beings capable of? What are our capacities? How do apprehend, even more basic how are we made?

Sacramental theology/Historic catholic Christianity will say we are minds of flesh.

Protestant theology says we are minds in flesh.

(As for the flags, the restaurants in our neighborhood fly rainbow flags. Mexican, Italian, Asian fusion. Park Slope is sometimes - affectionately - known as Dyke Slope.)
Allegience to the a flag of any sort has no relevence in showing one's allegience to the savior (or the message). This seems no different than veneration of relics, to me.
As to pledging allegience to the message of the savior, do we not do this by action and example? That should suffice.

BTW, I do miss bible school, glad you got the tent up.
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