Saturday, June 26, 2010


VBS at ER's place

Starts Sunday! Maybe Monday ...

Right here.


Aw, man. Not a good week for me.
You moving this week? Then I'll postpone VBS! Can't imagine doin' it without ya, brother. Srsly. :-)
Yeah, the movers come Tuesday, and we start our new life in a new place on Wed. Don't postpone on my account! You have others, far better than I, to handle it.
Will I have to pledge allegiance to the Christian and American flags? This Neo-Amish dude don't swing that way no mo'.
ha! A discussion of that kind of thing is what I;d hoped to spark. Haven't had the time to start!
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Sure, I'll pledge allegiance to both. It's just words. It's obvious from how we live our lives that we don't mean those pledges. By how we spend our time, you can tell when we really value. Apparently that is reality television and food. Perhaps we could have a couple of pledges to them, also.

I feel cranky.
And I definitely don't want to have to sit down when they play the sitdown chords...

Or is that just a Kentucky thang?
Whoa. We had them too.
On another note, Marshall Art wrote a thing including my name in the title, concerning Robert Byrd, attempting to argue that Byrd was as bad if not worse a racist as Helms.

Marshall did provide a fun fact I didn't know - Helms actually hired one black staffer. In 1983.
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