Wednesday, June 09, 2010


The UCC should accept this condemnation as affirmation

I do.

The usual lies, lunacy and paranoia give it away.

Spew, spew from you know who.



Heh. Have you seen his other site about wolves and sheep? He's got a seriously major crush on that Chuck Currie guy. Obsession: it's not just a fragrance anymore.
It's funny that Neil thinks the sole reason the Eternal Son of the Father, united in the Spirit, emptied himself of Divinity solely to provide after-life insurance for Neil. I mean, with all the stuff going on in the Universe, one would think God would have better things to do. Indeed, one would think the Church existed for more reasons than simply to make sure Neil walked streets paved with gold after he died.

The UCC gets the Gospel wrong? In what sense? Because the denomination doesn't condemn gay folk right up front like Jesus did? Or because it doesn't insist the preborn have rights?

Neil is beneath contempt or notice. A fellow child of God, who drags his baggage to the Bible and looks for a place to plop it down. Unlike the rest of us, though, he's convinced that he has the key to it all.
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The fucking great thing is that Neil's going to burn along with all of you. His sin is that of hate. Mark my words, E.R. B.S. B.S. M.A., he saith in his heart that you are fools. You are, but his contempt and hatred of you will see him burn right alongside you.

It fills my heart with joy to imagine it. Thank you. You've made my fucking day.
Neil blocks me from his place. Neil doesn't get to spew his spew here.

And, hey, Screwtape! Glad I could make yer day!
Count it all for joy if criticized by Neil.

Actually, I pretty much was going to say the same thing that Alan already said. Neil's volcanic obsession with Chuck Currie is an amazing thing to behold.

However, to be honest, I have to say that more times than I want to admit, I have exhibited the same kind of rage toward those with whom I disagree.

The Bible calls such behavior sin.

Neil, however, calls it Christianity.
I am more impressed that Screwtape dropped by!
Aw, man. The least you could have done for those of us who missed it is copy&paste it so we could see what the Neilster had to say. It certainly would have been a hoot.
I'll get it to ya. Anybody else who wants to see it, let me know, and a way to get it to ya.
He calls me a gutless windbag.

Not an ounce of self-perception there.

As I say on FB, being called that by the likes of Neil is like being called ugly by Phyllis Diller.
Wow. Chuck Currie commented and Neil had the temerity to call him a serial, unrepentant liar.

If I had balls that big, I swear I'd have a wheelbarrow with me at all times.
Not the devil:
I sure wish Screwtape would've given me a clue as to why I'm gonna burn.
I think it's funny that someone calling down hellfire and damnation on you uses the name of a demon. Impersonating a demon? That can't be good for your salvation, can it? LOL
And it takes a certain remarkable level of self-deception to call anyone gutless when HWMNBN bans any commenter who disagrees with him.

Seriously though, I don't get people's internet obsessions with total strangers. Are people's real lives that uninteresting?
BTW, doesn't HWMNBN regularly boast that he has an internet filter that won't let him visit our blasphemous and pornographic blogs?
Actually, Alan, my real life right now is pretty dull. Packing to move the family in less than three weeks, working, the girls' softball games, fighting with the wife over the use of air conditioning as it gets hot and muggy.

My internet existence if far more interesting, at least to me.

I don't think I've posted anything pornographic in the past couple weeks, and ER definitely steers clear of all those sweaty things, which is probably why Neil's dirty-filter probably allowed him to stop by.
"My internet existence if far more interesting, at least to me."

And yet you don't create entire creepy blogs just to net-stalk some guy. :)
He has a whole anti-Chuck Currie web site -- in which Currie commented and kindly suggested that Neil get some professional help. You think?
GP - I went to Rev. Currie's website, and read Neil's comments there, and am chuckling over him calling Currie a serial unrepentant liar.

Once again, Neil invents the meaning of words so that he looks marvelous, and others like the devil incarnate.

Or, it could be Neil's just a tad obsessed. And quite possibly mad.
Having discovered Neil's "wolves in cheap clothing" website, I sent Chuck Currie an email in which I noted that Neil has a serious hard-on for him.

Currie does, indeed, offer the opinion that Neil needs some professional help, and perhaps even a life. The whole thing is actually quite scary.
ER, email me when you gets a chance, please...

paynehollow at yahoo
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