Sunday, June 13, 2010


Lamentation for Our Gulf of Mexico

"Lamentation for Our Gulf of Mexico"

by The Erudite Redneck

O God, again, we have defiled our Mother Earth.
As sure as did the drill itself -- we all raped her.
She spews her bile into the Gulf of Mexico.
She gags, coughing up rot we have made our life blood.
Such filth we would kiss away with a user’s lust!
We are addicts, God! Is this Your intervention?

O God! Mother’s robe is torn, hems soaked in sick sweat!
Her heart is racing, loathing the bastard to come!
Her mind reels, her flesh crawling at what we have done.
Wretched creatures of the sea bear dying witness.
Lovely beaches and marshes face desolation.
We are addicts, God! Make this Your intervention!

Forgive us our Oil Rig of Babel on the sea!
Take away far from us our altars in low places!
Restore us to right relations with our Mother.
Our stiff-necked ways have ruined our home, Your Creation.
Help us deliver ourselves from our low nature.
O, God, help us, we pray, in our unbelief! Amen.


Careful what you pray for preacher.
If Congress would declare war on our reliance on oil, and direct the nation's resources toward alternatives, we could do it. Unless WWII was our one and only chance to work together. That's my prayer: That God helps us deliver ourselves from our low nature!
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