Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Erudite ... (?): Indian mascots are immoral

I dunno. I'm shedding "R"-points by the freakin' gozillion.

I have been convinced that "Redskins," "Savages," and other of the most egregious American Indian-related school and team mascots are, in fact, not just racist but repugnant and morally wrong.

Once you accept that what happened at the hand of the Europeans on this continent was, in fact, genocide, there is no other moral conclusion one can make.

Systematic genocide? No. But systemic -- the European peoples and the institutions they brought with them and the ones they set up here were shot straight through with it. Which is different than saying the genocide was "systematic," which, to me, means planned, deliberate, universally applied, and of that I remain unconvinced.

But them's just words and semanticles, as Dr. Bill Loney mighta putted it.

Bottom line: Hey, hey, ho, ho, Indian mascots have got to go.


Say EN, what if you and go over to Bacone College for their next baseball game and protest their use of the "Warriors" mascot!
That doesn't fall under the "most egregious" hubric I set forth. Hey, "Warriors" is universal, and if that Indian school wants to use it, *and* the images, well, I'm not going to join with some Indians telling other Indians what to do. Holy crap. That's a good way to get the pipe one might or might not be carrying shoved up one's butt. OTOH,, if they were the "Savages," I would, now, join the some Indians who are questioning other Indians on such use in their questioning.
Funny you should mention "Savages."
Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant had to abandon the Savages mascot name because the NCAA made them. OK, you say? Well SEOSU most years has the largest Native American enrollment of all public colleges and universities in America. How does that compute with your last statement?

Say, don't you think the Fighting Irish and Ragegin Cajuns are ethnic slurs as well?
Say, as long as mascots and symbols are being questioned wouldn't the State name "Oklahoma" need to be considered as well?
Wouldn't that make calling people "Okies" the same as being calling them "Red Men"? I mean the NCAA also banned the "Redman" mascot a NSU in Tahlequah which is the other majority Native American public university in America.

Speaking of pipes maybe we should boycott Calumet Baking Powder while we are at it.

By the way the Bacone mascot symbol is a tomahawk.

Look, all the low hanging fruit in this discussion have already been picked. "Squaw" for example is a extinct word in American sports teams. We are more or less left with the more generic terms "Indian" "Warrior" "Chief" and specific tribal names. Whether they are "immoral" or "egregious" or not is highly situational.
Can we ask the University of Mississippi to get rid of the mascot, "Rebel"?
My High School alma mater is still the Redskins in spite of several attempts by folks to change it.

Interestingly each time they have attempted to change it, a small group from the local Potawatomi tribe make statements that they're just fine with the name, which I find odd.

But there's a reason I no longer live on that side of the state, and this is just one example of why.
as a fan of Cleveland sports teams, i find that you're completely right!

Chief Wahoo is just a little offensive... just a little.
Fedor....what kind of redel are the Miss folks talking about? Scots? Irish? American? The offspring of all these rebels live in Miss. Better clear it up before we start banning words.
And Luke, most "native americans" I know don't give a royal rats ass about any of this crap. I've asked them what they'd like to be called and the answer is almost always "Indian". White libs are, by and large, the only ones that give a shit about any of this.
This gets brung up ever now and again, but it dies down purty quick cause its not as big as other fish that's needin fryin.

On a unrelatable notation, I took the kiddies to the zoo this week to see the monkeys and was horrible..the funky odor, the screamin and howlin, the auto-erotica, the feces throwin...they had enuff and finally kicked me out.
Dang it, I keep meanin' to come back to this, but I have a semester of seminary to mug, throw and tie first! (Hey, Dr. Loney! Don't be such a stranger!)
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