Wednesday, February 10, 2010


You say you want a Reformation 2.0 ...

We-e-ell, you know ...

My response to a question on a seminary discussion board: Could a widespread, sweeping Reformation happen again?

Could it happen again? Sure, but it would require the same kinds of political upheaval that were already under way, and then exacerbated, then. One well-laced nuke and the United States as we know it is changed forever, and with the political climate, and religious debate over such incredibly divisive issues as gays, abortion and what the fundamental responsbilities of the government are -- guns in the GWOT or butter for our own poor as well as other nations' -- sure, I can see it, especially during an information revolution even more democratizing than the printing press. However, as I said in a comment to someone's post, I'd look to the Southern hemisphere for a concentrated attempt to reform the all-but-faithless European church and all-but-apostate U.S. church. Not that I'm cynical or anything!


David Barton and Glenn Beck plan to start one on August 28,2010. No kidding they do.
David Barton makes Glenn Beck look smart.
Makes you won't to cry don't it?
Makes me want to buy a $5,000 house out at Aline, unplug from the world and keep enough provisions on hand that I don't have to come to town very often. Go monkish. The Erudite Order of Rednecks for Jesus.
There's a really cool B&B out there.
Maybe you could hole up there for a few years.
Really? At Aline? ... You know, somebody ought to dig out a dugout and make *it* into a B&B! Or at least a soddy. That'd be cool. Weirdos such as ourselves would pay to stay in one!
The Heritage Manor B&B
web site:

It is not you typical B&B. Food is wonderful. Ask for a downstairs room. Be prepared for something about 15 degrees off center but really interesting. Annal people need not go there.
Talk AJ into a ride in his roadster.
Say, it has a dugeon jail cell if you want to sleep there I'll bet they'll let you.
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