Saturday, February 06, 2010


Go watch 'Jesus of Montreal'

Srly, "Jesus of Montreal" is profound and clever and wonderful. Sign up for Netflix and watch it. It's online. You can be watching it within 5 minutes.


It is also avaiable for free in 12 parts on You-Tube. Good story, reeks of symbolism.
Okay, cine-theology boy, I'd like to hear you riff on Inland Empire and a Christian notion of evil.

(... because my efforts, provoked against my will, are still just fragments.)

Be warned, it's David Lynch, but something is being said about us and evil.
Is that on my list? If not, and I don't stumble across it on cable, it'll be April before I even think about it. :-)
Not on your list, but should(?) be.
Say ER, did you catch "John the Baptist"?
He was the "best actor in the world" in scene one of the movie when the said be best actor was the one who played Jesus. Now, observe the death scene of the actor in the subway. John's head is on display on the wall.
oooh, that's the kind of detail good for extry points. I'll go back and give it a looksee...
There was stuff like that all through the film. Like what was the lawyers name that wanted to promote the actor on talk shows etc. and in the end wanted to create an avant-garde theater in his name?

Or the bit at the end that he had been traveling and had spent time in India and Tibet.

Why was the actor killed by a falling cross?

Why was St. Marks Hospital full and chaotic and the Jewish Hospital clean and structured?
Did you pay attention to the patients at St. Marks? What was the name of the ambulance company?

Why the organ transplant segment?

The daughter of the actress, what was her name, why was she there?

The overthrowing of the tables during the commercial auditions.
Now what was that producers name?
The beer?

Tell me about the two singers at the beginning, at the commercial audition, and in the subway at the end.

Why a subway?

The psychiatrist and the judge?

What was the play being done at the introduction?

Did you catch the last supper?

What did the black woman's rant mean during the first performance of the play?

Why Hamlet's soliloquy

Was there any homage to any iconography that you saw?

This stuff is fun actually.
F, wouldn't he have to indulge in 'Rabbits' before he watched 'Inland Empire'?

Myself, I'm all the way back to 'Blue Velvet' and still working on it.

By the way showing 'Rabbits' to unwanted dinner guest is one way to create a permanent disconnect with them socially.
I just watched five minutes of "Rabbits" again. ER, don't bother.
Been busy. ... You saw LOTS more stuff in "Jesus of Montreal" than I did, but I am going to watch it again. Feel free to answer any of your own questions above! The turning over tables at the beer commercial taping seemed obvious, but it was when the promoter-lawyer, in the scene in the skyscraper by the window when he told the Jesus "with your talent, this city could be yours,"
that I really started watching for parallels.

And what "Rabbits" movie are you talking about? "Rabbit Proof Fence" is on the list, and is very good. ...
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