Monday, February 08, 2010


The Atomic Clock: 11:54 p.m.

It's 6 to midnight.

I think the fact that Sarah Palin has a microphone -- and a good set of gams -- automatically moves us up to 5 til.

What do y'all think?

The 1984 clock setting, BTW, more than anything, made me who I am today, politically:

"1984: U.S.-Soviet relations reach their iciest point in decades. Dialogue between the two superpowers virtually stops. "Every channel of communications has been constricted or shut down; every form of contact has been attenuated or cut off. And arms control negotiations have been reduced to a species of propaganda," a concerned Bulletin informs readers. The United States seems to flout the few arms control agreements in place by seeking an expansive, space-based anti-ballistic missile capability, raising worries that a new arms race will begin."


I'd worry more about Palin if there'd been more bodies in that room at Opryland when she spoke.
I don't know. Nationally, she's been nothing whatsoever but a product of multimedia. Bodies in a physical place don't matter that much as an indicator with her, I don't think.
Sarah the sock puppet will go only so far on her natural ability. Now, if they are able to replace her with a functioning cyborg drone she might be more dangerous.
Sarah Palin will impale herself on her own inflated ego, later perhaps than sooner, but it will happen. Demagogues fare well for a time in American, to be sure, but they rarely attract a huge, coherent following.

Even Ross Perot didn't manage to turn attracting nearly 20% of the electorate in to a movement. My guess is, on her own, Sarah Palin would poll about as well.

I'd actually move the clock back a couple more minutes than the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, but am not going to quibble.
Isn't the whole idea of an atomic clock that one doesn't have to mess with keeping it on time?
Well the addition of climate change to the clock is a little bit of an over statement. I mean we are way passed the climate tipping point, I mean the Gulf Stream has already fliped over to west of Greenland two weeks ago but only stayed there three days.
The more land bound ice that melts in the Arctic the more probable that the flip will be permenant reasonably soon. Canada will melt and Europe will freeze.
Even so, it won't be the end of mankind, we will adapt. Yep, poor countries will lose 80-90% of their populations but that will just leave more room for the rich countries to escape to.
The mere fact that Palin has been pictured with less than eight words written on her palm and she still had to refer to them (!) guarantees that she will never, ever get more than 25% in any national election.

Americans can easily vote for stupid as long as they don't see it close up.
You're forgetting Feodor, the fact that she actually knows 8 words means she's already smarter than most of her supporters. To them, writing on the hand is the equivalent of a published scholarly journal article.
Oh, that's pretty funny.
Not more than 25%. More would like to but have aspirations of more sophistication. And many of the 25% are driven by anger, not by engagement with her.
She gives voice to resentment and fear. She is photogenic. She also makes pithed frogs look classy and (stealing a word) erudite.

She could have been Huey Long had she more smarts and savvy. Instead, she's Father Coughlin in drag. FDR saw Long as one of the two biggest threats to the Republic during the Depression (the other was Douglas MacArthur). Palin isn't in their league at all.
"Do you believe Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President than Barack Obama?"
Yes 53%
No 14%
Not Sure 33%

86% of the registered Repulicans in the above poll think Palin is more or may be more qualified than Obama.

Remember GW, if he can be elected why not Palin? Never under estimate anti-intellectism in America.
That's not an election; that's boosterism. Hell, on any given day, I'd say I was supporting Hillary for 2012. But things would have to get far worse before I'd vote for her if she ran against the sitting President.

When it comes time for primaries, eighty percent of Republicans are more aspirational than voting for Palin and fifty are too misogynist. Before 2000 none thought Bush was stupid, just not smart. By 2004 he was beginning to be stupid but was also seen as tough.

Palin is a hothouse flower. Rather, hothouse dandelion.
I'm with you, drlobojo. Half of all people are dumber than the average person. (And that's only if we've got a normal distribution. From the evidence I've seen, I think what we've actually got is a very, very long tail.)

I'd like to think people are smarter than that, but any country that can elect Bush TWICE(!) can elect Caribou Barbie at least once. I'm not sure how stupid one would have to be in order to be too stupid to get elected in this country, but I suspect at this point even farm animals would poll well among Republicans.
It is a long tail ain't it, and prehensile too.
From HuffPo:

"According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, 71% of Americans do not feel that Palin is qualified to be President. That includes a sharp drop in Republican support, where 45% believe she is qualified compared to 66% who thought she was last fall."
The raw poll data from the ABC-Washington Post Poll:
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