Monday, January 18, 2010


People Suck No. 1,000,006: Fights at Tulsa MLK Day Parade

Jesus, can't we all just get along?


ROFL! You raving liberal, you. How dare you blame Bush for a natural disaster. You're as bad as Pat Robertson!
BTW - you note the dig at Dr. Mrs. ER? An "intellectual" - as if she were not, a pretender of some sort. The dude has issues.
Doctor of what?
Ph.D, psychology. Experimental, not clinical.
Scott Brown 2012
What? Scott Brown beat a weak Dem in a state full of Dems disappointed and disaffected because this allegedly liberal president doesn't have any balls, so they stayed home. Hell, *I* could've won the Senate in Massachusetts against this Brown dude surfin' in on such liberal waves of doscontent.

Yeah. That's right. The MSM talking heads, and rightward wingtards, are spinning this election upside-down and backwards and wrong. If the Democratic leadership doesn't start listening to the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party and acting accordingly, then the GOP will it all -- not because they're on the correct side of any issue, but because the Dems, the liberals specifically, piss it all away.
The Dems and the Republicans both lost last night.
Who won?
It is truely the Forth Turning.
Brown is a wild card.

Last night he did not use the word Republican one single time in his acceptance speech.

The Democrats need a purge.
Let's see how the Democratic primaries go this year.

Let's see how the Tea Partys (both of them) dissolve the Republicans.

"Want to play agame?"
Let's play lose/lose.

Support real Dems in the primaries.
Support Tea Bags in the Rep primaries. Do both.

In Chaos there is opportunity, but not always a predictable one.

May you live in interesting times.
Just a bit of a niggling point here regarding the narrative being spun by ... well, nearly everyone it seems....

State full of Dems?

Umm... Three words: Governor Mitt Romney.
Oh. Oh, yeah. ... Carry on.
Ho ho ho! SCOTUS gives away America.
If the teabaggers actually meant what they've been saying, why aren't they protesting the SCOTUS decision?

I guess that would require them to actually mean what they've been saying.
In re Alan's latest comment, meaning what they say would also require they understand what they are saying.

My guess is, not so much.
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