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I KNEW my blog ears were burnin'!

Look here.


Now Mark openly tells us what he is:
"I am a bitter Conservative patriotic American who clings to my guns and my religion with antipathy toward any of those Liberals who don't have the intelligence and/or common sense to agree with me."

He also shows you what he is by those with whom he associates:

Now given all the open disdain for the likes of those that loiter here on this blog, I am somewhat surprised at his kind treatment of you. Maybe he still likes you just a little bit.
He knows Jesus is a liberal -- of the labels we have readily available -- and he can't stand it.

And I'm sure that when he gets a glimpse of Jesus he thinks of me, good or bad, and when he thinks of me, he gets a glimpse of Jesus, overdrawn, underdrawn or what-have-you. I mean, Lordy, if not, then I need to start all the way over.

The funny thing is I simply do not think of Mark when I think of Jesus, or vice versa. Hmm.
You know one of the things I remember about a die hard Republican long term friend of mine (now deceased) was that he was very generous with his own wealth and gave freely to other's needs. He, however, had conniption fits when the Government (local, States, or Feds)did the same thing.

The basic personal temperament of conservatives revile against government helping anyone (except maybe corporations which are seen as a personal extension of themselves). It comes down to a basic trait: a true conservative KNOWS that he or she can make much better decision about where "their" money should go than
any "government" can.

As a Geographer I have notice that not many conservatives are in the discipline. This is simply because the discipline demands systemic logic with a mind for spatial distribution and an acceptance of the effects of multiple variables. This is too much "indirect" thinking for the conservative mind.

Most people in Geography and most people who think government should be involved in aid systems are "Liberals". It is a basic personality and temperament difference between the two. (Liberals by the way see government as an extension of themselves)

Now I'm not saying that I have any stomach for the far swing of our conservative brethren currently being exhibited, but it is worth noting the path of the pendulum.
Look here? No thanks.

Obsession, apparently it isn't just a fragrance by Calvin Klein.
Lobo: Exactly. I take the idea behind "We the people" seriously, and see it all the way through our governments. Even when I personally hate what's going on with our government, I don't think it's illigitimate, like these yahoos do.
Ah, crap, I posted my comment on the wrong thread. Anyway, read above for here. Sorry about that.
OK, I just read some of the comments, and apparently Eric Ashley has become completely unhinged. Calling for the summary execution of elected Representatives and Senators, and he calls us "dead" in our souls . . .

I used to think he was an OK kind of guy, but apparently he has lost it completely, poor man. My prayers for him, especially when word of what he has written reaches the ears of the Secret Service. God knows they won't treat him nicely should they find out and pay him a visit at his home.
Well, I think he *did* used to be. I do worry more for him than the others, since he's always seem more melancholic. Redneck prayers aloft for the man.
Having walked through the blood and gore, and buried the dead left by Tim McVeigh I can't simply let this one go by.

ELAshley said: "... best to squish it, then burn out the entire nest.
Nancy Pelosi? She should be shot for treason.
Mr. Reid? Shot.
Every single one of those monstrous democrat excuses for representatives and senators who vote the evil machinations of Barack Obama into law....? Taken out back and shot for traitors."

As a concerned American citizen let me help out the NSA computer program for threat evaluation and alerts a little bit here:

Senate Assassination,
Congressional Assassinations,
Violent overthrow of the Government,
Incitement to destroy Congress, Summary execution of the Speaker of the House,
Kill the Democrat Senate leadership.

To the secondary human analyst looking at this, please check them all out at:
Thank you.

It isn't a game when it reaches this stage.
I was hoping you would do something like that. No, it's not a game, and it's not "speech," I don't think. And even if it is, it deserves a hard look.

Dear Mr. or Ms. investigator/law officer: No need to serve a no-knock warrant. We will gladly let you in our house, to talk. However, please don't be offended, but I might prefer a warrant for any search, as a matter of record and a matter of principle. Thanks.

--ER and Dr. ER
BTW, I haven't yet, and may not, loooked at any of the comments over there after mine that ended with adios, even though I've gotten the e-mail alerts. Anything new over there worth further sullying my soul?
I wish I hadn't read the damn thing myself. So if I were you I would go for plausabile denial.
Would, or would not? ... naah, today's been hard enough on this midlife seminarian's heart. They can go such a lemon.
An update: Marshall Art came along and insisted, in his usual, "aw, shucks, he didn't mean what he said; he's just joshing" way, that Eric must have just been taken up in the heat of the moment. I said that I took Eric's words to mean exactly what they did, no more and no less.

Eric came along, and in a bit of an odd kind of non-apology apology, and non-denied denied that he actually meant that he wanted, for example, Harry Reid hauled before a firing squad (even though that is exactly what he wrote). After this non-denial denial, however, he wrote the following:
"But this doesn't change my belief that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are, quite frankly, evil at heart. The fact that ER, Geoffrey, Feodor, and whomever else wishes to chime in, can't see the danger these elected "servants" pose to the Constitution of the United States and individual freedom, only shows they are either perilously tainted by the very same evil that infects the likes of Washington's current spate of leaders, or they are themselves intellectual invalids. In either case, they are just as dangerous to this country as the political asses into which they have crammed their collective diminished mental capacities."

So there you have it. Without specifying what, exactly Obama or anyone else is doing to rob us of our liberties and prepare us for the Gulag, Eric continues to insist we are all in cahoots with this servant of our national downfall, just as culpable, just as evil.

And they call us unhinged. If there was a speck of self-awareness over there, one of those folks might just chime in and write, "You know, this sounds really bat-s**t insane, doesn't it."
"If there was a speck of self-awareness over there, one of those folks might just chime in and write, "You know, this sounds really bat-s**t insane, doesn't it."

Isn't it the case that crazy people don't know they're crazy?

I think it's cute that ELAshley has a mancrush on ER. Unfortunately for ER it seems to be of the Fatal Attraction variety. ;)
Well, I hope he gets help, after a psychiatric evaluation at the behest of the FBI.
You can't save everyone. Just try not to be around when they decide to go postal.

Words to live by. I have that printed on throw pillows at home. :)
Here's the thing, Alan. I have adopted your "screens off" approach to all those sites and individuals, yet at one time, even though there was profound disagreement, I thought that, among those right-wingers, Eric was the most-centered. Now, it seems he has taken a leap in to the crazy-pool and isn't coming up for air anytime soon.

Kind of sad, really. Reading the comments on the linked thread is like entering some world totally unrelated to the one we all live in. Eric's brand of spittle-flecked, murderous rage is just an extreme example of what's out there. The rest of them - especially Mark - I really think are ignoramuses.
"The rest of them - especially Mark - I really think are ignoramuses."

Dog bites man. News at 11. :)
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