Saturday, January 16, 2010


'Cowboy Revival'

Hot dog. My print of this, "Cowboy Revival," by Martin Grelle, a last-minute Christmassy present from Dr. ER, came! Signed by the arteeste, even. :-)


I take it none of y'all heatherns'n yankees'n such are as smitten with this here pitcher as I am...
In my first marriage, we had a painting by Julian Onderdonk of a bluebonnet valley at dawn above our bed. And she wasn't from Texas.
Careful ER, your nostalgia is unzipped.
Dadgum, Lobo, it's always unzipped.

I think I like this image so much because I honestly looked at it for quite a while trying to figure out what it was a scene of. I've seen plenty of scenes of tent revivals, but had never seen nor thought of one just like this, with 'boys on horseback. I like. They're staying and listening, it looks like, but on their own terms, and are ready to ride away immediately if the bullshit gets up to their stirrups. Or before.
Hell, I thought they were waiting for the wives.
Truth is it are pretty.
Ain't it? Mebbe by the time we have y'all over next time -- meant to oveer the holidays -- it'll be framed and up.
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